Yakiniku Like is a chain of Japanese cuisine restaurants that means “Grilled Meat”. Yakiniku Like Menu Singapore offers a large range of meats like chicken, skirt steak, pork belly, wagyu beef, and beef tongue. The restaurant’s main focus is to provide an easy and quick dining experience. 

Yakiniku Like is Singapore’s most famous restaurant with its 9 outlets in Singapore, all on the premium spots. Yakiniku Like makes their dining experience unique with smokeless grilling. Overall! Yakiniku Like is the best choice for you to enjoy delicious meat and interactive dining in Singapore. 

Yakiniku Like Menu 2024

We can categorize Yakiniku Like Menu Malaysia as:

  • Miyazaki Wagyu Set
  • All Sets
  • A La Carte
  • Side Dishes
  • Drinks
  • Next Meats

Miyazaki Wagyu Set

Miyazaki Wagyu is a Japanese beef known for its tenderness, marbling, and exceptional flavor. It is derived from purebred Japanese Black cattle (Kuroge Washu) that are farmed in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture.

A delicious and satisfying meal made with A5 Wagyu Misuji and Us Karubi.

Price (200 Grams) S$21.90 Price (100 Grams) S$33.90

An aromatic and spicy meal made with three major items:wagyu beef, misuji and rosu.

Price (200 Grams) S$21.90 Price (100 Grams) S$33.90

A true carnivore’s delight made with Korean BBQ Sauce, Ssam (Wraps), Kimchi and Banchan.

Price (200 Grams) S$21.90 Price (100 Grams) S$33.90

Set combines two popular cuts of beef, each offering a unique flavor and texture experience that are Wagyu Karubi and Us Karubi.

Price (200 Grams) S$19.90 Price (100 Grams) S$28.90

An excellent and filling dinner ideal for fans of yakiniku made with three cuts of of wagyu beef, karubi, nakaochi, and rosu.

Price (200 Grams) S$19.90 Price (100 Grams) S$27.90

A meat-lover’s dream maade with three different cuts of premium karubi, each offering its own unique flavor and aroma.

Price (150 Grams) S$30.90

A fantastic option for those who want to experience a variety of delicious and popular cuts of meat that includes Rice, Soup, Kimchi, Salad, and Dipping Sauces beyond meat.

Price (150 Grams) S$28.90 Price (250 Grams) S$34.90

An excellent option for a tasty and filling yakiniku dinner made with two cuts of meat Wagyu Karubi and Pork along with amny side items Rice, Kimchi, and Dipping Sauces.

Price (150 Grams) S$28.90 Price (250 Grams) S$38.90

All Sets

A mouthwatering yakiniku experience with the strong and tasty karubi, or beef short plate, cuts.

Price (100 Grams) S$10.90 Price (200 Grams) S$16.90 Price (300 Grams) S$21.90

A Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat maade with pork, Assorted vegetables, Yakiniku sauce and Cooked rice.

Price (200 Grams) S$18.90 Price (300 Grams) S$27.90

Cuts of beef commonly used in Japanese cuisine which is a style of grilling meat made with Karubi and Harami.

Price (100 Grams) S$14.90 Price (200 Grams) S$21.90

The set includes Sukiyaki Karubi, Rice, Soup, Kimchi and Dipping Sauce.

Price (100 Grams) S$11.90 Price (200 Grams) S$17.90

Meat-lover’s delight, offering the delicious and satisfying experience made with Pork Belly, Rich Marbling, Melt-in-Your-Mouth Texture and Bold Flavor.

Price (100 Grams) S$10.90 Price (200 Grams) S$16.90

A popular choice for both meat lovers and those seeking a lighter option that contains Karubi and Shredded Cabbage.

Price (100 Grams) S$12.90 Price (200 Grams) S$18.90 Price (300 Grams) S$23.90

A delicious and budget-friendly way to enjoy a yakiniku experience that contains Pork Belly, Chicken.

Price (100 Grams) S$9.90 Price (200 Grams) S$14.90 Price (300 Grams) S$18.90

Made with spicy pork belly and chicken thing along with many side items that provide a delightful and aromatic taste.

Price (150 Grams) S$10.90 Price (250 Grams) S$15.90 Price (250 Grams) S$19.90

An unforgettable meal experience with beef tongue, skirt steak, and beef short palate.

Price (150 Grams) S$17.90 Price (250 Grams) S$23.90

A La Carte

A truly appetizing choice for yakiniku lovers made with Wagyu Karubi and side items Rice, Kimchi, Dipping Sauces and salad.

Price (50 Grams) S$11.90 Price (100 Grams) S$20.90

A substantial serving of Wagyu Nakaochi and a selection of sides are included in the set that attracts the appetizers.

Price (50 Grams) S$13.90 Price (100 Grams) S$24.90

Satisfying meal that is perfect for yakiniku lovers that contains Wagyu Supreme Karubi, and different type of flavors.

Price (50 Grams) S$15.90 Price (100 Grams) S$29.90

A generous serving of Wagyu Misuji and a selection of sides are included in the set that are  Rice, Kimchi, Dipping Sauces and salad.

Price (50 Grams) S$17.90 Price (100 Grams) S$32.90

A delicious choice for your yakiniku experience that made wih Karubi and side ingredients of Rich flavor, Tenderness and Juiciness.

Fresh Green Pepper Grilled Fillet Executive Set
Price (50 Grams) S$3.90 Price (100 Grams) S$6.50

The package includes just one beef cut—the Prime Rosu—for a delicious and compact yakiniku meal.

Fresh Green Pepper Grilled Fillet Executive Set
Price (50 Grams) S$6.00 Price (100 Grams) S$10.00

Your courageous taste buds will be delighted with this tasty gift made with  beef tongue, beefy flavor, Harami and Karubi.

Price (50 Grams) S$8.00 Price (100 Grams) S$13.00

Tontoro is the most famous cut of meat that is known for beautiful marbling, texture, and rich flavor.

Price (50 Grams) S$5.50 Price (100 Grams) S$8.50

The signature juicy and savory marbling of chicken thighs is showcased through thinly cut pieces that are quickly grilled on the individual yakiniku grills.

Price (50 Grams) S$4.50 Price (100 Grams) S$6.50

Sukiyaki Karubi contains marinated beef short plate that are grilled in sukiyaki-style using sukiyaki-style sauce.

Price (50 Grams) S$4.90 Price (100 Grams) S$7.50

Cuts of beef short ribs are grilled that are famous for its tenderness, intense flavor, and rich taste.

Price (50 Grams) S$8.50 Price (100 Grams) S$13.90

Thinly sliced cuts of non marinated pork belly are grilled to create delicious and juicy meat.

Price (50 Grams) S$4.50 Price (100 Grams) S$6.90

Chicken consists of small cuts of chicken thighs that are grilled in our smokeless grills.

Price (50 Grams) S$3.50 Price (100 Grams) S$5.50

Thin slices of pork belly are marinated in a korean chili sauce made with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic.

Price (50 Grams) S$5.50 Price (100 Grams) S$7.90

It is made with a special sauce known as garlicky butter sauce and consists of a beef short plate.

Price (50 Grams) S$4.90 Price (100 Grams) S$7.50

Harami consists of a skirt steak that comes from the diaphragm muscle of the pork / cow. It has a rich sweet and svaory taste.

Price (50 Grams) S$8.50 Price (100 Grams) S$13.90

Wagyu Bulgogi features pre-marinated Wagyu beef slices that are grilled and may even include certain ingredients for the Bulgogi sauce.

Price (100 Grams) S$20.90 Price (150 Grams) S$30.90

Side Dishes

A scaled-down serving or variation of a classic curry dish. This could be part of a tapas-style meal, or given as an appetizer or snack.

Price S$2.90

It likely refers to the basic steamed rice served alongside their main dishes.

Price S$2.00

These are a type of lettuce that have long, oval-shaped leaves with a mild, crisp flavour.

Price S$2.50

Any kind of soup where the main component is seaweed is referred to as seaweed soup. One nutrient-rich marine plant is seaweed.

Price S$1.80

It is made up of fermented veggies, usually Korean radishes and Napa cabbage, that are seasoned with chilli peppers, garlic, ginger, scallions, and other tasty ingredients.

Price S$1.80

Mini corgi salad is made up of a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and frequently dressings or sauces.

Price S$1.80

The yolk consistency is softer and creamier since the cooking duration is less than that of a fully boiled egg.

Price S$1.50

Garlic butter is a tasty condiment that is created by mixing butter with crushed or minced garlic, along with additional herbs or flavours.

Price S$1.50

It is a traditional Japanese rolled omelet made with soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and eggs.

Price S$3.90

Edamame are immature  and green soybeans that are delicious cooked or steamed. They make your snack high-protein, healthful.

Price S$2.90

Spicy Tofu is a savory flavor spicy and sweet is a taste because of a korean chili paste, gochujang. It is usually stir fried with vegetables and served with rice.

Price S$2.90

Shredded Cabbage is mixed with cream, onion, and carrots for making salad.

Price S$2.90

Next Meats

It is a vegetarian meal option that usually combines seaweed soup, kimchi, and rice.

Price (Set) S$15.90 Price (A La Carte) S$4.90, S$5.90


Supparo beer is a brand which offer other products along with sapporo beer (founded in 1876)

Price S$6.90

The Coca-Cola Company owns the bottled water brand Dasani.

Price S$1.90

Dried tea leaves are steeped in hot water to make hot green tea. Leaves of Camellia sinensis are used to make green tea.

Price S$1.90

One well-known carbonated soft drink is Coca-Cola.

Price S$1.90

Premium tea leaves are used to make it, which is renowned for having a true Japanese tea flavour.

Price S$1.90

Lemon tea is made created by mixing tea with lemon juice.

Price S$1.90

It is made from the extracts of fresh oranges.

Price S$1.90

Houjicha is a Japanese green tea that is roasted over charcoal to give it a distinct flavour and scent.

Price S$1.90

Honey Yuzu is a blend of honey and yuzu which is a sweet beverage.

Price S$1.90

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Yakiniku Like is not a halal certified restaurant as the restaurant uses pork as an ingredient in the menu. However, you can find a lot of halal options on the menu.

Yakiniku Like is a Japanese solo-dining BBQ style restaurant that offers premium quality meat to their customers like wagyu beef, pork, and chicken.

Yakiniku Like serves a large variety of meat such as wagyu beef, US beef, pork belly, pork jowl, pork shoulder, chicken thigh, chicken breast, and lamb shoulder. 

Yakiniku Like donot offer side dishes but they have small dished and condimets to enhance the taste of their grilled meat. 

It’s not necessary to make a reservation but if you want to avoid long ques and waiting too long for seats, then its recommended that you make your reservation before coming. 

Yakiniku Like Menu 2024

Yakiniku Like Menu Singapore offers a genuine and immersive Japanese BBQ experience, establishing itself as an authentic cuisine in the center of Singapore. With its personalized solo grills, premium meats at affordable pricing, quick service, extensive menu, and handy locations, it provides everything you need for a fun and fulfilling meal. Whether you’re an experienced BBQ lover or a curious newbie, you must visit Yakiniku Like.