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Are you looking for perfectly grilled meat in wonderful dining? Do not forget Yakiniku Like Vivocity. This popular outlet offers an immersive dining which features smokeless grilled meat placed at the center of your table. Try out our buffet bar featuring drinks, sauces, and sides today. 

Yakiniku Like Vivo Famous Dishes

The following are a few most popular dishes at Yakiniku Like Vivocity:

Karubi Set

Karubi Set consists of a small cut of beef short rib which is known for its delectable and mouthwatering taste. Yakiniku Like meat lovers like Karubi because of its juicy and crunchy texture. 

Yakiniku Like - Karubi Set

Tontoro Set

Pork jowl is used in a tontoro set which is a cut of meat full of taste and juiciness. Unlike other small cuts of meat, this cut is full of fat.  

Yakiniku Like - Tontoro Set


Harami also known as hanging tender and outside skirt, a piece of meat comes from the diaphragm muscle. As compared to other sets, it provides an outstanding dining experience. 

Yakiniku Like - Harami

Pork Belly

Pork Belly is a special cut of meat that is famous for being served as grilled meat. The fat on the meat provides an juicy interior and crispy and exterior. 

Yakiniku Like - Pork Belly
Ming ling TanMing ling Tan
10:23 17 May 24
Nice taste
02:15 16 May 24
jean hojean ho
13:04 12 May 24
Need to queue more than 30 mins for dinner.Meat quality is not very good for me, even both called karubi might be different due to cutting(as claimed by the staffs
Low Qi HuiLow Qi Hui
08:08 11 May 24
Great service and delicious food!
03:10 06 May 24
Queued for a late afternoon slot and only had to wait for a bit. Ordered premium meats and some ala carte.Firstly, the grill was very easy to operate (only 3 level of heat). Secondly, smoke easily captured through the system, so my outfit did not smell of meat and smoke which was a huge plus point.The meats were thin and okay quality for its price point. Highly recommend if u craving yakiniku but are alone. Very enjoyable.
Ho MelvinHo Melvin
05:51 04 May 24
Nice food nice place
09:57 23 Apr 24
Dine in | Dinner | SGD 20–30🥓🥓😍 Food & Taste: Ordered the 2 set meals which came with chicken, beef and pork. The set came with soup and salad, no drinks. Ordered additional meat as well because the portion can be small for average person.The raw chicken,beef and pork its quality.The rice portion can be decided at no additional costs. Had a mug of beer to go along with bbq meat. Best combination.The heat from the grill can sometimes get to you.Also your stuff name by Stella too good so friendly and too humble she very nice and young strong good services F&B in vivocity I’ve met.🤵🏻 Service: Nice!!💰 Price: Reasonable🐣Waiting Time: Fast. Food need not be prepared and was brought out to us no long after we placed the order
weilong ganweilong gan
19:46 21 Apr 24
Stella is so gentle and patient,explain all food let me know ,and food come fast but very tasty !
yu zyu z
19:41 21 Apr 24
weilong atitude very good,food also come very fast and tasty.😋
Darishina ManoharanDarishina Manoharan
04:40 20 Apr 24
Was amazing
Sitra KartikSitra Kartik
07:37 19 Apr 24
04:02 19 Apr 24
Menaga VijayakumarMenaga Vijayakumar
04:00 19 Apr 24
Gobi NathGobi Nath
03:20 19 Apr 24
t gt g
17:14 10 Apr 24
Arrived about an hour plus before closing. Halfway into the meal, you are definitely made to feel they want to close early for the night. Constant banging if trays, collecting the grills of other tables and tossing them into the container placed very near our table. Constantly asking to take away plates at our table. It was very unpleasant. The meat quality is not as good as before and not as good as yakiniku go/hey yakiniku. Will not go again. Bad.
05:42 10 Apr 24
William LuWilliam Lu
08:21 08 Apr 24
Great grill place. Limit for dining is 50 minutes but it is more than enough for us. It was quick service after order. The foods were delicious and tasty. Beef was great, bacon was good as well.Got the golden tongs after eating here with scratch card.Price was ok for dining here. There wasn't any service charge on top of the price anymore. The tissues were not charged onto the bill.
09:34 05 Apr 24
Very Good! Recommended
Koh ZyKoh Zy
09:56 27 Mar 24
08:11 27 Mar 24
Amazing food amazing service
02:44 27 Mar 24
🥓🥓 Food & Taste: Ordered the 2 set meals which came with chicken, beef and pork. The set came with soup and salad, no drinks. Ordered additional meat as well because the portion can be small for average person. The rice portion can be decided at no additional costs. Had a mug of beer to go along with bbq meat. Best combination.The heat from the grill can sometimes get to you.📍 Place: The place might be crowded during meal times so it is best that you come during off peak.🤵🏻 Service: Not bad.💰 Price: Reasonable🐣Waiting Time: Fast. Food need not be prepared and was brought out to us no long after we placed the order
Fonzie TorresFonzie Torres
13:29 19 Mar 24
Served by Jun hong, he was very polite and friendly. Great food! Definitely recommend
Yuan yuan DengYuan yuan Deng
07:18 16 Mar 24
Pleazzzzzzz everyone not to come here bad hygiene quality. We found the stain of the egg on the served spoon and asked for exchange. In return we are provide with another set of spoons with the stain of rice🤮
William SanjayaWilliam Sanjaya
14:37 13 Mar 24
Kinda cheap place to eat some barberque alone
Kederic ZaizaiKederic Zaizai
13:22 13 Mar 24
I love to eat yakınıku but when I arrive 9.20pm is closed… but the web day is close on 10pm ..why the website is still say open but when I reach say is close even not on time… I think the management should take care of this issue… or plz change the time on web if the restaurant is not open till 10pm
Anastasia BeaferhausenAnastasia Beaferhausen
10:09 13 Mar 24
Went there for the 3rd time because had good experiences the previous two. This time.... was served by someone with an initial of G. When we were about to pay at the counter, he asked for table number. Couldn't really hear him as he's wearing a mask. He said it louder but in an annoyed tone, kinda like a yell. My partner and I felt that it was really rude. If I was by myself, I could understand probably I was just misinterpreting things. So, yeah. Better know your table number next time before you paid. Otherwise, you might get scolded. 😂
Dels PassionsDels Passions
09:09 21 Feb 24
Scan the QR code at the entrance to get a queue number.Once you are seated, you'll have to scan another QR code to make your order. However, you can still request a physical menu from the crew.🍱Reasonable set meals.(Non- halal as they serve Pork).🍚 Rice is at the same price for 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large.🍺All day 50% discount for Sapporo Beer with any meal ($3.40++)(Fun fact: Grill the Wakame Seaweed from your soup, and it will become a yummy crispy Nori topping for your rice!🍙)
Lucas NeoLucas Neo
05:59 20 Feb 24
food is affordable and tastyservice is what is expectedAtmosphere is great, with music and cozy atmosphere
11:06 17 Feb 24
Gotten the set advertised as Wagyu A5, it wasn’t soft and tender. Feels like I paid premium to get served their normal cut. Not worth it.
Elaine ChiaElaine Chia
05:39 10 Feb 24
A lovely dinner. The food is what I like, portion was huge so I kinda regretted ordering the larger portion.Love the cabbage. It’s really fresh and sweet tasting (no bitterness). Kimchi is a little too sweet for our liking. The rice with seaweed and egg tasted fantastic. Would definitely visit and eat that again.The queue system wasn’t very friendly and we really got to stand there to wait for the queue. No reminders or information that it will soon be our turn. Got log off quite quickly.
Felix ChongFelix Chong
12:12 09 Feb 24
Jasmine TanJasmine Tan
13:32 03 Feb 24
Service here is professional by the manager. Requested to change the meat coz too fatty and request was politely acceded to. Good experience!
Low JanessaLow Janessa
05:47 23 Jan 24
this egg tastes like seafood and i paid $3.9 for it but the food came really fast
Eddie TanEddie Tan
17:14 16 Jan 24
Jeanne ChuaJeanne Chua
06:25 15 Jan 24
Gobin is very helpful and efficient
Raymond HaryonoRaymond Haryono
12:15 14 Jan 24
Very bad queue management, 50 mins dining time only on the lips.
meep meepmeep meep
12:20 11 Jan 24
jerry tanjerry tan
16:13 04 Jan 24
Non peak quick bite
08:04 15 Nov 23
FOOD: Wide array of meat platters to choose from. The meat is sliced very thinly so it will cook very fast. It is lightly marinated and is tasty on its own. For more flavour, there are sauces provided at the table as well. The meat platter was delicious after grilled and paired with the sauces. This is good if you are craving the taste of BBQ but do not wish to eat too much like at a buffet.SERVICE: Service staffs were fast and quick to serve the food. They were also generally quite friendly.AMBIENCE: As a solo dinner, I felt like the space was a little too cramped. It can be quite uncomfortable for solo dinners sitting very close to another stranger beside.PRICE: There were some lunch sets available, paid $11.90 for mine which is very reasonable.RECOMMENDED: Go for this place if you wish to eat BBQ but do not want to overload on meats or carbs. If you are a big eater, the portions might feel small and unsatisfactory.
Javier TanJavier Tan
06:22 01 Nov 23
The QR code scanner is a little off and not very useful, page doesn’t allow refreshing and you don’t get notifcations, so you literally have to stand there either way.Food on the other hand was delicious. I think so far after trying all the yakiniku, the kimchi and soup here surpasses all in taste, and the free flow of salt pepper and condiments allows you to mix up your own taste.
Gideon SternfeldGideon Sternfeld
05:25 10 Sep 23
Food quality is good but the grills are too small/slow if eating with two people. Most annoyingly though the staff is so lazy/incompetent. Additional orders are forgotten or only brought out partially and the staff doesn’t take away empty dishes/plates etc. Tried to get their attention to clear the table for 15min but then gave up and just stacked it all up and dumped in the corner.
Blue AngelBlue Angel
13:14 13 Aug 23
Was quite easy to secure seat for 4 on a Sunday noon time. Ordered the Karumi beef short plate set and was served very quickly. Unfortunately, the cooking stove wasn’t working and the staff was quick to move us to another table next to it. It worked perfectly and the beef was really nice with a wide selection of sauces to chose from. Overall nice lunch 👍
Cat NCat N
01:20 29 Mar 23
My favourite place when talking about affordable price with decent food for Yakiniku. I love all the sauces here. It's just blend very well with the meat. My favourite sauce is Garlic Soy Sauce. And one thing special is they have fresh chillies. A lot of Yakiniku places don't have this I think. If you love spicy, put the chillies in the sauce and enjoy.One thing is the seaweed soup is salty and there's just very less of seaweed as you see in the clip I posted.The staff is friendly and nice. They respond very fast. When your net is kinda burnt, just ask them to change it for you.You need to scan the QR code to have a queue number and a SMS will be sent to you nearer to your turn. You also scan QR code to order.Out of quite a few value Yakiniku similar to the place, I somehow prefer this one over. Not only about the meat that just nicely marinated, but also the variety of yum sauce and fresh chillies.Bear in mind that you have max 50 minutes to dine in.

Yakiniku Like Vivocity Opening Hours

DayBusiness Hours
Monday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Final Words

Yakiniku Like Vivocity provides smokeless perfectly grilled meat to make your dining experience glorious. From flavorful and juicy sets to overflowing buffet bar, Yakiniku Like Vivo has something for everyone. Go to any of our outlet and customize your meal with drinks, sauces and sides. 

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