Reserve Your Seat

How To Reserve Your Seat At Yakiniku Like In Singapore?

Following are some ways you can ultilize to book your slot at Yakiniku Like outlet:

Utilize the Online Reservation System

While not all Yakiniku Like stores offer online reservations. Check in the below given tablle to see which outlets are offering reservation option. Make sure to book your slot early, especially on weekends and peak hours, as they tend to fill up immediately.

Consider Express Outlets

Yakiniku Like Express outlets offer a great dining experience with a limited menu and shorter wait times. These outlets do not accept reservations, but the queue is usually much shorter compared to regular branches.

Visit During Off-Peak Hours

If you have the flexibility, try visiting Yakiniku Like during off-peak hours, such as weekdays or before the dinner rush. This can significantly reduce your waiting time.

Join the Waiting List Early

If online reservations or express outlets are not an option, you can contact directly to the outlet and join the waiting list. Be prepared to wait during peak hours, but arriving early can help you secure a spot sooner

Download the Inline App

While Inline does not accept reservations for all Yakiniku Like outlets, some locations, like the one at Clementi Mall, are listed on the app. You can join the waiting list virtually and get updates on your estimated wait time.

With a little planning and these tips in mind, you can enjoy the delicious yakiniku experience at Yakiniku Like without having to wait too long!