Yakiniku Like Junction 8

Yakiniku Like Junction 8, is a cool place that lets you personalize your food by providing a variety of side dishes and additional items on the menu. You can come with your friends and family to enjoy grilled meat and pork belly. 

Yakiniku Like Junction Famous Dishes

The following are a few most popular dishes at Yakiniku Like Junction 8:

Karubi Set

Karubi Set consists of a small cut of beef short rib which is known for its delectable and mouthwatering taste. Yakiniku Like meat lovers like Karubi because of its juicy and crunchy texture.

Yakiniku Like - Karubi Set


Tontoro Set

Pork jowl is used in a tontoro set which is a cut of meat full of taste and juiciness. Unlike other small cuts of meat, this cut is full of fat.  

Yakiniku Like - Tontoro Set


Harami also known as hanging tender and outside skirt, a piece of meat comes from the diaphragm muscle. As compared to other sets, it provides an outstanding dining experience.

Yakiniku Like - Harami

Pork Belly

Pork Belly is a special cut of meat that is famous for being served as grilled meat. The fat on the meat provides an juicy interior and crispy and exterior. 

Yakiniku Like - Pork Belly
04:17 10 May 24
It’s really a bad experience. I always go to Serangoon and AMK outlet all is so nice. This was my first try at Bishan outlet. I went at Thursday night for dinner and have waited for 45mins from 8pm to 845pm.-There’s lot of empty table as the customers left continuously but not enough of staff to clean up the table.-The fire was …..too big, we called the staff to help and he put some water inside as he said was too dry inside the carbon, he said not to use too high level to cook, but end up he put lvl 3 for us, then the fire still keep burning up, all the way while we eating. Can see the fume from our table, the staff pass by just act like never see until. We understand there’s shortage of staff so we not complaining or what and think we can just adapt it. But…-My bf was believe to kena food poisoning. He woke up and vomit totally 5 times at the midnight. Now he on leave.That’s too much…will never go again😔So bad that we never take until any photos, but all is truth
Jason Lee Kok YangJason Lee Kok Yang
04:57 09 May 24
For a fast paced F&B business, they provide quality service and good food at value for money prices. I always come here.
Royston GohRoyston Goh
06:01 07 May 24
Nanette was helpful!
The service from Nannette is awesome 💯
Mag GuoMag Guo
06:00 07 May 24
nannette was really welcoming and food was really good!
Hendry AngHendry Ang
12:33 30 Apr 24
Empty seats but staff didnt bother to call queue. Everyone's slacking/missing. Insane waiting time (1.5hrs)
Julien OngJulien Ong
07:27 30 Apr 24
Joe LimJoe Lim
09:47 29 Apr 24
As usual, the food was great and Nannette was a pleasant staff to host us!
Jia WenJia Wen
05:55 29 Apr 24
12:55 21 Apr 24
Good, loved that there’s so many available sauces!For cooking of the meat, one trick i like to do is to intentionally let the oil drip down to the “stove” and have the fire burn the meat up to get a bit of “BBQ” charcoal taste.
Zi HanZi Han
10:14 21 Apr 24
rui ningrui ning
10:02 21 Apr 24
food was deliciousthe server nannette was very nice
Jodie B.Jodie B.
03:53 13 Apr 24
I ordered the A5 Wagyu Karubi and paid $21 for it but what I got was just 2 slices of it. The rest were just Karubi. How did I know? How the 2 slices look like compared to the rest were the same as the photo from the menu. I eat wagyu before and I know they like melts in your mouth. After grilling them, only these 2 slices texture was indeed wagyu but the rest were not. Felt cheated and staff not honest. Why did I know complain, I am with my 4yo son and cannot be bothered to argue with staff. Judge from the photo (the upper 2 slices were the only wagyu meat)
Ethan YongEthan Yong
12:57 12 Apr 24
Good food and service by Nannette
Chan SeanChan Sean
12:47 12 Apr 24
Good food
12:47 12 Apr 24
Teong MeetengTeong Meeteng
05:45 12 Apr 24
Nanette is good and the services is helpful
Bryan PhoonBryan Phoon
03:59 04 Apr 24
The food is good and the service is good
Nanette is very nice and accomodating.
Alyana GonzalesAlyana Gonzales
09:57 03 Apr 24
phyo thanphyo than
09:36 31 Mar 24
Bill CheeBill Chee
12:29 24 Mar 24
Griller spoiled and heat was not strong enoughGave a feedback to the waiter and all he said was “thanks for the feedback” without mentioning if the team would do anything about it or not
Jerome FooJerome Foo
12:09 24 Mar 24
Nannette service is good. Food is amazing
Wai LengWai Leng
11:01 24 Mar 24
Excellent food and excellent service! Nannette showed great customer service skills, it was the first time I've been offered a box to keep my bulky items in while I dine!
Varick ChanVarick Chan
10:48 24 Mar 24
Chocolate fondue is nice Nannette
08:36 24 Mar 24
Like Quattro Set is good
wong song yinwong song yin
05:45 17 Mar 24
2nd visit here, staff are friendly and food is served fast. Thank you Nannette for your recommendation, the bonito rice was REALLY good. Will visit again.
Kelvan SiewKelvan Siew
05:00 17 Mar 24
Excellent service from Nannette
04:34 17 Mar 24
Gregory TanGregory Tan
13:20 16 Mar 24
Nannette is very friendly and helpful
Clarence WilloughbyClarence Willoughby
06:57 16 Mar 24
Good and friendly service, especially by Mdm Nannette!
vivian sohvivian soh
08:45 06 Mar 24
Waited very long , no people served
Yong Wei TingYong Wei Ting
05:35 05 Mar 24
Great value for quality beef
Dalton NgoDalton Ngo
07:28 04 Mar 24
Aura TacoAura Taco
06:24 04 Mar 24
Food is nice, the service also very good.
Isaac SIsaac S
05:15 04 Mar 24
Great food and service by Nannette
12:59 27 Feb 24
Hokkaido Pork is good
09:29 27 Feb 24
We had a really nice server named Lanette, she was super kind and friendly and made us feel really welcomed.
lados juicelados juice
08:37 27 Feb 24
The service was good and Nannette did a good job at services
Dzahir JunkaiDzahir Junkai
04:34 26 Feb 24
Nice lady, Nannette. Good service.
Asher JohnAsher John
13:56 24 Feb 24
Service was okay. Meat was good.
06:22 19 Feb 24
food was good! Ms Nannette was very helpful
Abigayle HuanAbigayle Huan
06:21 19 Feb 24
The service staff were very friendly and helpful!! Food was delicious and fresh. Great dining experience :)) 10/10 would recommend
joanna marie granetajoanna marie graneta
13:23 18 Feb 24
Good food and accommodating
09:15 18 Feb 24
Was my first time here, nice food and great service from Nannette! Very nice of Nannette to serve us with a smile!
Darius TanDarius Tan
09:00 18 Feb 24
food was yummy and service from nannette was good
Teo Yong weiTeo Yong wei
12:53 07 Feb 24
Nannette's service is good
Eric NgEric Ng
04:03 07 Feb 24
Great food. A5 is great with good price. New snow pork is good and very affordable. Great service by Nannette!
Amazing food and quick service! Nanette was so great and friendly too!
Emily YuEmily Yu
10:21 06 Feb 24
I love the food!
Kyle ArnaldoKyle Arnaldo
04:02 03 Feb 24
Always loved eating here!
4-2 40 Xing Xiangyue4-2 40 Xing Xiangyue
03:55 01 Feb 24
Food very yummy, service is good by Nanette
siyu wongsiyu wong
09:27 30 Jan 24
Nannette service is very good😝
Beng Kuan SohBeng Kuan Soh
05:02 30 Jan 24
Bernice CBernice C
15:11 29 Jan 24
DanDragon AngDanDragon Ang
06:48 28 Jan 24
The Hokkaido snow pork is good, especially the collar and belly.
Annabel NgAnnabel Ng
04:16 23 Jan 24
Waitress Nanette was extremely friendly and helpful. Karubi beef and chicken were flavourful; would recommend pairing with sea salt sauce with pepper
08:16 22 Jan 24
nanette is the best
Joab LiJoab Li
08:15 22 Jan 24
michelle khoomichelle khoo
08:07 22 Jan 24
Staff is efficient and polite. Food is juz as good.
Cedric SeetCedric Seet
09:39 20 Jan 24
One of the better yakiniku chains in Singapore as they give decent meat for a decent price, a good place if you wanna satisfy your jap bbq craving.The cool thing about this place is they allow you to choose the size of your rice bowl, and I would definitely recommend the furikake with onsen egg add on, adding a new dimension to your rice.
08:09 01 Jan 24
Went during off-peak hour so there was no queue. The meats were fresh and tasty, and the service was excellent. The server changed my grilling mesh when he saw that it was charred and even helped to grill when the flame got too big! 🔥 Two thumbs up! 👍🏻👍🏻
Katherine JieKatherine Jie
04:07 26 Dec 23
Not bad for solo dining. They have individual booth for you to enjoy your me time. My grill wasn’t working the first time so I have to switch but other than that all is good. My favourite is the garlic sauce, but I think 100 gram too little. Next time I order 200 gram! 🤣
Kenneth BoeyKenneth Boey
13:48 14 Dec 23
Got an odd coloured, unchewable piece of A5 today. A bit unacceptable for one of the most expensive dishes here. I find the A5 not as fresh as other outlets so stick to the normal cuts if eating here
Rachel G WeilingRachel G Weiling
05:29 21 Nov 23
Standards have dropped way too much. Meat came looking black and brown VS red in menu and on our previous visits. Ordered 2 Karubi plates but both looked different. Staff insisted it was correct. Had a weird chemical taste.
13:38 20 Sep 23
Nice 'Fast Food' bbq concept.Cheap and affordable for anyone who have Bbq cravings.At best part, its common for single pax to come here n have ur bbq.Taste good as well so its a perfect combi.Staff were all attentive and overall its a great place.Some pretty good combo sets offered as well

Yakiniku Like Junction 8 Opening Hours

DayBusiness Hours
Monday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Final Words

Yakiniku Like Junction 8 provides smokeless perfectly grilled meat to make your dining experience glorious. From flavorful and juicy sets to overflowing buffet bar, Yakiniku Like Junction has something for everyone. Go to any of our outlet and customize your meal with drinks, sauces and sides. 

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