Yakiniku Like – Enjoy Yakiniku Style Dishes In Singapore

Yakiniku Like Singapore offers a unique and enticing option for Japanese barbecue enthusiasts. With its smokeless grills, buffets, and reasonable prices makes it ideal for both solo diners and group of eaters. Our high-quality meat pair off with delicious sauces and sides ensures a yummy meal.

While some might miss the charcoal grill experience, the convenience of staying smoke-free and the value for money are of next level. In addition, the variety of promos and set menus are aligned to customers with different budgets and preferences. Therefore, it is accessible to a wider audience.

What Are Yakiniku Like’s Popular Dishes?

Yakiniku Like Singapore boasts a menu brimming with various options, but some dishes rise to the top as favorites. Here is a glimpse into what amuses taste buds and keeps customers coming back for more:

Meat Marvels

Karubi (Beef Short Plate)

The real king of Yakiniku Like, this melt-in-your-mouth cut offers an intense beefy flavor. Ask for it slightly caramelized for an extra burst of deliciousness.

Harami (Skirt Steak)

This leaner cut offers a satisfying chew and a robust, meaty taste. It is perfect for those who crave a bit more texture in their bites.

US Ribeye

Elevate your yakiniku experience with this premium cut. Enjoy its buttery texture and intense stipple for a truly amazing treat.

Beyond The Beef

Pork Belly

If you are a fan of savory and slightly sweet flavors, this is your pick. The tender pork belly with its crispy skin is a guaranteed taste pleaser.

Chicken Thigh

A lighter option but no less flavorful, chicken thigh brings a juicy and satisfying element to the grilling party.


The classic fermented Korean side dish adds a spicy and tangy counterpoint to the richness of the meats.

Yakiniku Like Singapore Outlets

Yakiniku Like has 9 outlets in city’s prime location. All the outlets offer quality Japanese cuisine through friendly staff in a comfortable environment. Let’s explore these outlets one after one.

PLQ Mall

Suntec City


The Clementi Mall


Compass One


Junction 8


Yakiniku Like Reviews in Singapore

You can check the public reviews about Yakiniku Like outlets wise, here below:

Coco CaoCoco Cao
03:55 08 Apr 24
Quite cost efficient for the location and the quality of food. Queue may seem long especially during peak hours but thankfully the queue moves relatively quickly if you have to go there during peak hours only
JK LeongJK Leong
12:24 30 Mar 24
15:16 28 Mar 24
One of the better yakiniku brands. $10.90 nett for the karubi beef set, comes with nice seaweed soup (very umami) and for rice, you can choose the size at no extra charge. Comes with more sauce/condiment choices as compared to their competitors
14:02 24 Mar 24
Felt like compass one branch is better 🙁 staff was so rude , even saw one abusing anotherstaff ?? i waited at least 15 min just for a plate of meat , another customer who came 10mins later got his meat first , the first plate of meat was mehh , second plate of meat came almost frozen and full of fats !!
Shanelle OngShanelle Ong
13:47 17 Mar 24
Dot T.Dot T.
11:49 15 Mar 24
Noisy Queue System
Queenie RabQueenie Rab
07:55 07 Mar 24
Had visit this eatery on a few occasions and the food standard is always on point. Fresh meat and well marinated. The kimchi is delicious, Is not over sour or spicy, just right for me. Recently I tried the seaweed egg rice instead of the standard rice. This is really good! The only ask I have is for the store to consider to serve ice when we order drinks.
Kokwei chooKokwei choo
11:42 24 Feb 24
about fifteen minutes wait . food is fresh and cut is good
Michelle ChenMichelle Chen
06:52 22 Feb 24
On 21feb, i ordered around 9pm. Then at 20min before closing time, the waiter (chinese male) asked if we wanna change our grill to a new one, despite they were already packing up. I was so touched T.T
09:50 21 Feb 24
Beef is delicious👍👍The beef tongue tastes average and I won’t repurchase.
elocin -elocin -
13:16 03 Feb 24
Kelly FengKelly Feng
13:15 03 Feb 24
Got a great service from the staff Ayu ❤️
zhn. fxiizhn. fxii
13:30 02 Feb 24
Super super duper worth the money and i devoured 2 plates of meat myself! worth coming down to get it a try!
Nigel TanNigel Tan
13:29 02 Feb 24
Food & service was good
13:26 02 Feb 24
The ingredients are fresh and the service attitude is the best. I usually come twice a week.
06:08 25 Jan 24
11:16 22 Jan 24
Sr LiSr Li
11:24 18 Jan 24
meg dimeg di
06:11 15 Jan 24
Food was awesome!!
Alexander AaltonenAlexander Aaltonen
15:16 07 Jan 24
My go to yakiniku spot!! I always go for the karubi set, which is simply delicious!! 🥓 🥓🥓I've tried the chicken and pork sets as well, but not as good as the beef sets. Definitely value for money! Be mindful of the long queueing during peak hours.Pro tip: check and grab a queue number online before visiting!
Alicia ChanAlicia Chan
14:58 07 Jan 24
Value for money sets and tasty meat. Sides like the kimchi were nice too and not too spicy. Enjoyed the variety of sauces available to pair with the meat. You could easily control the level of heating with the side panel. Queue number was via the QR code at the entrance and there will be a prompt to your mobile when your queue number is about to be called. Seating was comfortable with a container to put your bag. I liked how the seating was made in a way such that even if you were eating alone, it would not feel awkward. Food was also served promptly after ordering.
Kenneth BoeyKenneth Boey
08:18 07 Jan 24
Today's grip is on this piece of fat i got in my plate of A5 wagyu. It's really unacceptable to be serving such quality even for a quick serve restaurant
Jeremy TanJeremy Tan
10:22 05 Jan 24
03:00 01 Jan 24
Prices of some items have increased a bit since it opened but the taste is nice and the experience of grilling your own meat with a personal grill is fun. Note that the place is quite noisy and you do have to take a queue number from 6pm onwards if you’re coming for dinner on the weekends, the wait is usually about 30-45 minutes.Not that only the tea refill is free but the kimchi sides and other items are all chargeable
Alicia NAlicia N
10:21 26 Dec 23
Long Q and mediocre fatty cuts. We ordered a premium set and a normal lunch set. I like that you can get the bigger rice portion at no additional charge but the long wait is a turn off. You will also smell after the meal. Two pax set us back around $70 for lunch.
Sandra ChuaSandra Chua
07:26 05 Dec 23
Went at 1pm, Heng no need wait for too long for 2 paxs. Within 5 mins, we got our seats. Simple meal and satisfying, the fun is cooking our food. The korean kimchi was tasty. We like the garlic sauce too!
Lawrence WeeLawrence Wee
05:04 20 Aug 23
Came here for lunch today.We ordered three set meals and a pair of mochi taiyaki. The total bill was $65.40.We have mixed beef, pork, and chicken meat. Our conclusion was that we preferred beef. The meats were marinated, so it tasted well without dipping into sauces. I would suggest dipping the cooked beef into half boiled eggs and barbecue the meat at level 3 heat.We love mochi and so ordered a pair of the taiyaki at $4.90. They were crispy outside after barbecued.We will definitely visit the restaurant again!
Yakiniku Like
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Elijah TanElijah Tan
16:21 31 Mar 24
I feel that this establishment offers the finest Yakiniku beef and pork in Singapore. I must say, both varieties were impeccably tender and bursting with succulent flavors.We were delighted by the wide range of accompaniment sauces and seasonings available to enhance our meat.Our dining experience would have been significantly enhanced had the servers not heavily relied on self-service and digital automation, neglecting the fundamental principles of service etiquette.It would have been greatly appreciated to receive a warm and cordial welcome upon entering, as well as an introduction to the exquisite dishes that were served, mainly because there were quite a number of different meats ordered.Other than that, we would definitely visit again!
Dom LimDom Lim
05:02 29 Mar 24
Zahaan TambawalaZahaan Tambawala
07:29 24 Mar 24
Darvin was our waiter and he was extremely helpful and patient with us
Trena WahTrena Wah
12:44 21 Mar 24
Food and service is good
Martin LowMartin Low
12:28 19 Mar 24
Food: There are various combinations for the rice and meat sets at affordable prices compared to other yakiniku places. There are also various sauces and spices at the table to use. The meat is great tasting. Overall I would recommend this place over other similar restaurants.Service: you can scan QR code to get a q number if they are full and you will get notified on your mobile when it's ur turn. Service was expedient and staff were courteous.Atmosphere: you'll sit at the counter seats if 1-2 pax, and have to wait a lil longer if u want the tables for >3 pax. Feels quite squeezy/narrow. You do get the izakaya vibe though and they sell affordable happy hour beers. Would recommend for hangouts with friends but not date nights.
Queen icyQueen icy
12:59 14 Mar 24
I used to like it a lot, but this time, the like set is really hard to chew. I asked for a pair of scissors to cut them into bits, still hard to crew. I will not come again 🙃
10:17 13 Mar 24
clet Dimaanoclet Dimaano
08:23 13 Mar 24
Chung Soo EngChung Soo Eng
06:01 13 Mar 24
Eugene FooEugene Foo
05:56 13 Mar 24
Janice WongJanice Wong
05:52 13 Mar 24
gisele tohgisele toh
05:52 13 Mar 24
The food was amazing and the service was good, I would recommend this place to anyone looking for quality bbq !
haicong guanhaicong guan
05:50 13 Mar 24
Kim Jun HongKim Jun Hong
20:53 02 Mar 24
I visited Yakiniku Like in Suntec City during a lunch peak period and was pleasantly surprised by the swift seating process, as it only took 5 minutes to get a table. The lunch set menu is priced reasonably, making it a great option for those looking for value without compromising on taste.👅 Taste: The dishes were exceptional. They paired wonderfully with the variety of sauces available at the table, with my personal favorites being the Original sauce and the Sea Salted sauce. These additions really enhanced the flavors of the meat, making each bite more enjoyable than the last.🍽️ Ambience: The ambience at Yakiniku Like contributes positively to the dining experience. The restaurant boasts superb ventilation, a notable feature that leaves you free from the typical BBQ smell both during and after your meal. This is a huge plus for anyone looking to return to the office without carrying the scent of their lunch with them.⭐️ Service: at the restaurant is efficient, with an order-via-phone system that streamlines the process, ensuring that your food is delivered to your table without much hassle. While the service is straightforward and functional, it complements the overall dining experience well.In conclusion, my lunch at Yakiniku Like was a delightful experience, and I am already looking forward to trying their dinner ala carte dishes. I highly recommend this place to anyone in search of a tasty and affordable lunch option in Suntec City, especially if you want to enjoy great food without the worry of smelling like BBQ afterwards. A definite must-try!
Shoney SiewShoney Siew
12:47 01 Mar 24
My first visit to this restaurant was truly impressive! The meat was not only fresh but also exceptionally flavorful and juicy. The kimchi was also delicious. The staff provided excellent service, and the overall experience, including both service and food, was outstanding. I will definitely be returning! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Patrick ChowPatrick Chow
13:40 24 Feb 24
Donald YeoDonald Yeo
14:15 06 Feb 24
The food here is very good with a wide variety of meats. Never disappoints with their beef but they have pultry and seafood too for those not into beef. Also their seaweed rice with onsen egg is DELISH! Die, die must try
Na LawNa Law
12:02 04 Feb 24
Alice ChowAlice Chow
10:18 26 Jan 24
Awesome meal for a family of 4. Great cut of meats too
Boon QuekBoon Quek
23:07 18 Jan 24
Bryan TongBryan Tong
15:25 16 Jan 24
16:05 15 Jan 24
It's Yakiniku Like ofc it's good just go.
Richard CRichard C
08:19 14 Jan 24
Nice food and very reasonable prices, but the cooking grates in the booths are just too small. You can only fit a couple of pieces on each so if there's 4 or 6 of you dining, or you have a variety of dishes to cook, it's a bit slow.
Jenn ZJenn Z
07:30 04 Jan 24
Really good value and quality! Highly recommended.Love the sets, and the garlic butter is a good add on as well.Definitely more affordable compared to the other Yakiniku places, with a clean environment and friendly staff to boot.
Jean Wei LiuJean Wei Liu
12:09 08 Dec 23
If you are a loner with no friends (like me) and probably don't want to find a restaurant where you are stared at for just dining alone, this place is one of the dine alone places in singapore you can go.So, for me, I went on a busy Friday, right when it is the school holidays and it is rush hour, in suntec city. Got a queue number and waited, approximately 20~ minutes with 5 groups ahead of me. The staff kindly led me to my table and showed me the qr code and the WiFi (Free) password.I ordered a pork and chicken set, that comes with a bowl of rice (you can choose if you want 100g/200g/300g), a rectangular plate with pork belly and chicken, a bowl of salad, tamagoyaki( that you can add for an extra $3.90), a bowl of mido soup and a sauce dish.Food was great and the service was good. But in my opinion, try your best to come early and get your queue number, cause you might need to wait 30+ minutes till your number is called.
Jeremy NgJeremy Ng
23:11 04 Dec 23
Well seasoned and delicious food. Prices are affordable for the portion. Waiting time for a table is long during peak hours, but is well managed using a virtual queue by QR code. Ordering and paying is done through QR as well, but you have to pay every time you decide to order more, instead of a total bill at the end.
Thesa TThesa T
12:54 29 Oct 23
Had a first-time visit to this spot with a fascinating concept. No reservations needed, just walk in and scan a queue number. Ordering is also done by scanning QR codes, and payment is a breeze through the same method. Smooth exit process. Opted for both the normal set and premium – both delightful. Although the food took around 10 minutes, it was worth the wait. Ideal spot if you're in a hurry and mindful of your budget. Overall, a cool experience!
Wai ChanWai Chan
16:16 20 Aug 23
Growing kids will like this as the large rice bowl will fill the stomach at a very low price. The meat quality is really average, but I like the dipping sauce. Service is lacking, you order and pay the bill online. If you need extra empty bowl and saucing dishes, you almost can’t find any staffs to get the items for you.
Kevin TanKevin Tan
10:49 01 Aug 23
One of the many affordable Yakiniku outlets in Singapore. I’ve tried many of the other brands and the best thing about Yakiniku like is their competitive prices and variety of sauces available. However, the quality of meats isn’t quite up to par with some of the other brands I’ve had. Nevertheless, it’s still a good thing place for a quick Yakiniku fix. Given a choice, I might still choose the other brands over this. The garlic butter sauce (additional order) was to-die-for though. Loved it!
Jovan SinghJovan Singh
13:15 15 Apr 24
Rachel ChiuRachel Chiu
05:15 15 Apr 24
Vivien OhVivien Oh
05:15 15 Apr 24
Damiri HosainDamiri Hosain
05:20 13 Apr 24
Love this place..good meat and awesome. Love the guy who served us! Thanks guys 🙂
Tiffie WiffieTiffie Wiffie
05:00 13 Apr 24
My always to go Yakiniku place! 😋
RJ GallerRJ Galler
05:27 07 Apr 24
Quick and nice service
May LimMay Lim
13:31 06 Apr 24
Nicky is a very dedicated person.Give us a wonderful dining experience
12:44 06 Apr 24
Food was served very quickly and the beef was delicious. I liked that everyone had individual settings to grill their meat on.
yoong seng tanyoong seng tan
06:45 06 Apr 24
Ciixuan SeoCiixuan Seo
11:34 05 Apr 24
Yong wan yuYong wan yu
13:02 26 Mar 24
12:40 26 Mar 24
Hui MinHui Min
11:39 26 Mar 24
Food is as good as the outlets in japan.Good service from staff, especially Jogan!Will definitely visit again.
Philana NeoPhilana Neo
11:36 26 Mar 24
Anniversary set was very filling and delicious
Kenny PKenny P
13:38 25 Mar 24
Food is good, great service, would definitely recommend
Kenneth ChewKenneth Chew
11:15 16 Mar 24
Tan KennethTan Kenneth
10:53 16 Mar 24
Rick SohRick Soh
10:46 16 Mar 24
Ananiah BaiAnaniah Bai
10:07 16 Mar 24
charmaine teocharmaine teo
07:27 16 Mar 24
Henrico LitaHenrico Lita
08:23 10 Mar 24
Good food and reasonable price.
07:25 10 Mar 24
Love yakiniku like, the food is served fast, and the staff at the Somerset outlet are really nice and helpful and the food is extremely delicious. Defos recommend to choose the nori and bonito rice option 😋
Jessica LeongJessica Leong
11:59 08 Mar 24
The area is too small to accommodate so many yakiniku lovers
Joash AngJoash Ang
12:19 06 Mar 24
Give my man Wai kit a raise man. Super nice guy. Friendly and always has a smile on my face. Only come to 313 branch for this reason!!
Moses LeeMoses Lee
12:18 06 Mar 24
Wai kit was amazing! Fantastic service and a great man!
Kimberly PekKimberly Pek
02:15 23 Feb 24
always loved Yakiniku Like, no matter the outlet. Better than that in Japan imo! There was almost no waiting time here as well.
Audrey EsmasAudrey Esmas
10:44 22 Feb 24
Juventus OngJuventus Ong
10:01 22 Feb 24
Thanks to nicky warm & excellent service, we ate a lot, from scallop, abalone, hokkaido pork and A5 beef.
Dinesh ShanmuganathanDinesh Shanmuganathan
05:43 22 Feb 24
The meat portion is more compared to other outlets:)
05:19 22 Feb 24
Nicky was very nice to talk to us overall friendly atmosphere
Maria Leilani LabradorMaria Leilani Labrador
04:52 19 Feb 24
Worth the money. Quality is good.
suzette octavianosuzette octaviano
12:52 18 Feb 24
Good service. Salute to Rinky 🥳
Gilly OwGilly Ow
12:03 18 Feb 24
Thanks Rinky! You’re the best.
08:58 12 Feb 24
Great place to hangout n dine.
Athena BughaoAthena Bughao
09:15 11 Feb 24
Great food and great service
Ronald ChewRonald Chew
08:31 11 Feb 24
Sat at B6, for supposed tea time period, 50 mins dining time limit? Eh OPS MANAGER OR CEO U COME SHOW ME 2 PAX DON BURNT THE MEAT I ORDER FOR U ALL 1 300G AND 1 200G WORTH OF MEAT WITH THIS SMALL GRILL AND THE TIME U STEP IN TILL UR FOOD COME AND THEN THE TIME U TAKE TO GRILL ENSURE PERFECTION GRILL AH. U DO WITHIN 50 MINS AND MAKE SURE UR FACE IS ENJOYING UR FOOD I DELETE THIS COMMENT, otherwise USE UR BLOODY BRAINS, u want run a franchise that runs long and good, and the one who open this franchise come on la use some brains don just blindly follow, fnb biz close and open nowadays very common, reasons simple enugh, quality, standard, service, speed, attitude and also the human touch to things, if what I say is wrong, go ask around those long running for over 10 years lor, nowadays price is an issue but not very big because people seek for no longer just the taste but other aspects as well, world has changed and if you guys don't know how to up your game, this outlet won't last more than the lease period cause u all won't earn enugh to want to renew, if I'm not a fnb operator I won't say this, and 2nd of all ur staffs here are not bad but higher management need to use some brains.My story is I spend 30 mins in waiting and cooking while my gf cook mine I eat, I cook hers she eat cause we order 2 diff things and its so small Grill how to take my time to eat, like honestly la don try scam ppl here, you brand yourself as tasty quick and value, Tasty I give u 4 star, quick 1 star, value 3 star, this is my most honest review. I'm not some competitor but really I am damn annoyed first time ever at a dining place, great staffs working here, I tipped them cause they were polite but the higher management I look down on you guys, cny day 2 ppl working for u all be appreciative to your staffs I feel they not well appreciated enough.
Rowel BughaoRowel Bughao
03:55 11 Feb 24
Great food
Siyu ChanSiyu Chan
05:38 09 Feb 24
Absolutely enjoyable experience!! Was served by a phillipino waiter, probably named Rinky (?) He was so warm and sweet, and accommodated to my request of separating the food! Thank you so much! It was such a joy to dine in here 😊
Michelle AboyMichelle Aboy
13:18 30 Jan 24
hi Rinky,i enjoyed my dining experience.Thank you for your hospitality.See you
Kathleen SevensterKathleen Sevenster
07:38 30 Jan 24
Dining alone? No problem, you get your own bbq grill and get to pick lunch sets. It was delicious!
GY EdwardGY Edward
07:04 30 Jan 24
Britney and Rinky were really kind providing me with a basket. Food came out quickly and tasted divine. Would recommend for those looking for a fuss free meal!
We frequently eat in Yakiniku Like and the branch here in 313 might be the best. Thanks for the service Rinky.
Ma GheMa Ghe
12:38 29 Jan 24
Maya Escalante-SorianoMaya Escalante-Soriano
05:34 21 Jan 24
Good job. Rinky is very good staff. Keep it up & well done. Thank you very serving us!
Arwin DienteArwin Diente
05:26 21 Jan 24
We had a great dining experience with a superb service from Rinky 😊We'll definitely be back to try other dishes.
Charles AlbaladejoCharles Albaladejo
05:07 21 Jan 24
Rinky from Somerset makes then whole dining experinace even more better.
Sherwin OngSherwin Ong
05:06 21 Jan 24
awesome food and service. Kudos to Rinky for being very helpful
11:50 19 Jan 24
grill was not hot enough to cook my beef quick enough. it also didnt become any hotter even after being on the number 5 setting. looking over at other booths, their thicker meats like chicken didnt seem to be cooking either. hope the grill can be hotter next time
07:18 02 Jan 24
Regular for Y.Like and today's grill seems to take forever to cook.Meat was taking way too long but server told me nobody else had this issue with this table - so i just continued without any other feedback. Just had to slowly slowly cook and wait.Meat was alrite except for harami as it was thicker thus it took Even Longer.Entire place was smaller based on what i felt. Overall was still ok, just the grilling part.
15:52 02 Dec 23
My first time trying Yakiniku!! It was so good and they have a value set from $9.90 onwards on weekday lunch and it was so worth it when I ordered the Karubi set! There was lots of slices and each meat was just so tender when grilledThe thing I want to shout out is the sauces!!! They taste sooooo good when you complement it with EVERYTHING. I can literally eat the sauce and rice everyday.Self service grill was a tad small for two. But not a big issue. Overall a pleasant meal here and hope to try their other stuff again!
Jonathan ChouJonathan Chou
15:05 12 Nov 23
I'd say this is an affordable place to stop by if you've got a craving for yakiniku.Their lunch sets are very affordable.I personally wouldn't queue for this place though, but i had an overall positive dining experience due to the relatively affordable price given its location.
Hyren FabregasHyren Fabregas
12:38 01 Nov 23
Dine-in experience on a Wednesday evening was fantastic. Took a queue number and only had to wait five minute before we wear ushered to our dining areas. Dishes were delivered to us promptly after orders were made, and food tasted absolutely delicious.Two thumbs up for the service, especially from Rinky 🙂
06:21 19 Oct 23
New Yakiniku Like outlet at 313, and I have to say, it was a delightful experience! The meat were incredibly fresh especially the new prawns!But what really stood out to me was the value for money. It's not often you find a place that offers such high-quality ingredients without breaking the bank. So, if you're on a budget but still want to treat yourself to some mouthwatering yakiniku, this is the spot for you.
H C GohH C Goh
12:54 08 Apr 24
Jason was professional yet friendly! Great service! You have a wonderful team here!
16:32 07 Apr 24
Thoughts from last night:All the staff were kind and we had a very comfortable stay! !I was especially impressed by Tera's service spirit (*´∀`)
07:36 07 Apr 24
Jitt kin’s customer service is excellent. Can tell he puts in effort in what he does and he did it well.
SS TanSS Tan
08:09 06 Apr 24
Cook in personal pot and meat are ok. Average value for money
Kiddos TeeweeKiddos Teewee
06:09 06 Apr 24
Too slow. This is the slowest outlet i have ever been. Totally dissapointed in the service over here. From the waiting time to go inside the restaurant where apparently there are so many uncleared tables to ordering our food and waiting to be served... it is more than an hour. The other customers who finally came in like us are all looking at each other full of fustrations on their face as well. We were served by blacked face staffs as well.
Porter KHORPorter KHOR
07:30 29 Mar 24
Good food good value. There was a clairvoyant aunty Betty Cheok who could read our mind, anticipate our needs even before I could. Ordered meats ala carte without rice and she came with empty bowls for us. Didn't get the chance to ask for service throughout dinner. She was there.
Teresa YoongTeresa Yoong
04:06 29 Mar 24
The service is considerate, the meal is delivered quickly, and the food is fresh and delicious
10:57 20 Mar 24
Great experience
Donald TehDonald Teh
06:20 17 Mar 24
Good service
xiaofen wuxiaofen wu
04:57 17 Mar 24
nice food nice staff
Don OngDon Ong
10:55 16 Mar 24
cashier Jason service is good!.
Sarah BongSarah Bong
10:53 16 Mar 24
The service was excellent and the employees were kind and well mannered. 😜
11:03 14 Mar 24
The student meal was really worth it during the afternoon hours! Anyway, yakiniku food is really delicious!! Highly recommended!
Food was nicer than last time
Bellariz Toh Yu XiaBellariz Toh Yu Xia
06:33 13 Mar 24
Got a lot of sauces to choose from, server Jackson was very helpful in helping me to take baskets to put all my barang barang
Isabelle SohIsabelle Soh
06:32 13 Mar 24
Jason was great in accommodating our requests
Indiana SinclairIndiana Sinclair
05:55 13 Mar 24
Jason was very helpful in explaining the menu and options. A wonderful dining experience for kids
05:35 06 Mar 24
Quick, service, Value.Very quick, less than 2 minutes waiting time.Service was nice, there was also a range of dipping sauces.However, on value, I think a bit less meat, maybe can give more? I filled my stomach but didn’t feel that twenty dollars was worth 9 small slices of meat and 4 slices of beef tongue. (Like Set meal)Overall nice experience, strongly recommend.
Zhaotong LiZhaotong Li
05:27 05 Mar 24
good food
09:21 02 Mar 24
08:44 28 Feb 24
Sita is very nice
09:21 27 Feb 24
name of employee: sitavery nice and approachable, helped us with all our queries
Jaslyn SeahJaslyn Seah
11:07 24 Feb 24
Yimin ShiYimin Shi
10:46 24 Feb 24
Lim Ding XuanLim Ding Xuan
10:08 24 Feb 24
Serene KwekSerene Kwek
10:08 24 Feb 24
Ching-Yu ChenChing-Yu Chen
06:17 24 Feb 24
q -q -
11:41 06 Feb 24
so many seats inside, staff don’t let people enter, waiting time state 15mins, waited for close to an hour, food is good, service and waiting time is bad, waiting time could be shorter if staff let more people in, there were so many empty seats! we
helen lohhelen loh
12:01 29 Jan 24
We enjoyed our food. Yum yum!
Nelson ChinNelson Chin
11:33 29 Jan 24
Thaddea KuanThaddea Kuan
11:21 29 Jan 24
nice food nice stuff
Rachel FooRachel Foo
11:20 29 Jan 24
amazing! good food and great quality for the price
13:03 23 Jan 24
food is always so amazing
Jessica AngJessica Ang
13:47 18 Jan 24
Yummy affordable yakiniku!! ❤️❤️
13:04 14 Jan 24
Sam WongSam Wong
05:00 25 Dec 23
Excellent food at good atmosphere
Hadi KareemHadi Kareem
04:24 23 Dec 23
Nice place to get together!
12:29 20 Dec 23
03:21 18 Dec 23
Always frequent yakiniku like outlets but this outlet is really bad. The service staff are not trained well.1)When they placed the tray on the table, the whole soup spilled. Didn’t even apologised and pretended that nth happened.2)They started bringing a big dirty pail around the restaurant to throw all the food and plates in it. An example is in the picture. The pail was very smelly and unhygienic and it was very close to where we were seated. This guy was taking his own sweet time to clear the table too, so we had to endure the smell for 5-10mins? Honestly it was such a turn off while we were eating.Not going to come here ever again
13:01 16 Nov 23
Food is as usual nice. However I still feel they should extend the eating time to more than 50 min.
CC LeeCC Lee
11:09 09 Nov 23
Yakiniku Like’s beef is the freshest amongst All the Yakiniku and they have many side dishes when you order set with even choice of rice quantity. The only con is that when 2 pax are dining, have to share a table with 2 other pax. Happened to share with a man who was coughing throughout our meal, very unhygienic.Maybe Yakiniku can consider putting a movable screen in between groups of customers to avoid the spread of viruses.
Tommy NgTommy Ng
15:30 29 Oct 23
Located on the 4th level of The Clementi Mall, head to green MRT line and alight at Clementi station and take the exit towards the mall. Head up to the 4th floor and they are located beside Wing Stop.The concept of this restaurant is interesting as they are not halal and serves premium pork, chicken and beef, even Wagyu for a personalized BBQ. Restaurant occupancy is about 40 to 60 pax and dining is allowed for 60 minutes. A QR code will be provided by the staff when they show you to your seat which will be used to browse their menu and order food. Staff are friendly and trying their best to serve you as fast as they can.The meat they serve is acceptable and with the price of their value meals, it's really value for money. I would recommend paying a little more for the extra portion. Each value meal comes with a small bowl of kimchi and a variety of sauces on your table. Beef lovers might just love it here as you can grill your meat to your liking. Chicken would not be as easy as they use the thigh meat and when sliced, there are many small pieces which could drop into the grill. I have the say the pork is great and with the option to add on pork jowl, you have to come try it for yourself.Overall a must try for Yakiniku lovers that aren't looking for a buffet setup but just for a quick BBQ fix at an affordable price. I have snapped their QR code for you to take a queue number while you're heading down as the queue is longer during peak hours thus won't need to waste too much time.
03:10 02 Sep 23
Clever wordplay with the like > Like a yakinuku experience while serving lighter portion. The meat selection is namely beef (karubi) and pork/chicken; pork is incredibly tender. Pair with their sauces (garlic sauce, my recommendation), and the taste will not disappoint. Cheers!
Wei Jing WeeWei Jing Wee
12:11 10 Apr 24
The food is good and served quite fast! Highly recommended! 👍
Shu Zhe NgShu Zhe Ng
12:11 10 Apr 24
Awesome place to dine 👍
Ztsl play Ztsl playZtsl play Ztsl play
06:26 10 Apr 24
Pan Supawan (Panny)Pan Supawan (Panny)
12:24 09 Apr 24
JT MonderinJT Monderin
13:51 05 Apr 24
Yakinuku is perfect! We keep coming back.
Vu TruongVu Truong
05:07 29 Mar 24
Great experience for QBB set for 1 person, quality food
Candice TeoCandice Teo
11:56 22 Mar 24
Value for money
ET AngET Ang
08:38 19 Mar 24
My visit to Yakiniku Like at Westgate was a unique dining experience that catered to both individual preferences and group gatherings.The restaurant's concept is particularly appealing for solo diners, with personal electric smoker grills at each table allowing for an intimate grilling experience.The atmosphere is modern and inviting, making it a great spot for anyone looking to enjoy the traditional Japanese yakiniku in a contemporary setting.The service was quick and efficient, reflecting the fast-food style approach, which I appreciated as it meant more time savoring the experience rather than waiting.Food wise, Yakiniku Like offers a variety of set meals with the option to upsize the rice portion at no extra cost. The different meat (beef, pork) seems to be marinated by the same marinating sauce. It will be great if they can offer non marinated meat.Overall, Yakiniku Like stands out for its innovative approach to a classic cuisine, and it's a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for a casual yet authentic grilling experience.
Nguyen Lam Kinh LuanNguyen Lam Kinh Luan
15:35 16 Mar 24
Joey HJoey H
10:57 14 Mar 24
Be prepared to queue up to 30mins on weekday evenings if you come in groups of more than 2! Beef was nice and we liked the sauces and seasonings!
teck huay limteck huay lim
10:49 12 Mar 24
1st time here.ordered smallest set of 100g pork belly and chicken.regretted as only 3 slices of pork n 3 pieces of chicken. Restricted to 50mins per diner..very rush..ordered extra tamago which was quite good.but the orange juice I ordered was too small and pricey.I will try to order medium set 200g next time if I ever come again
Jiang Zong ZheJiang Zong Zhe
10:34 09 Mar 24
Be careful when getting a queue ticket and waiting in queue: they do not drop a message or a phone call when youe number js near, and removes the queue number immediately if your queue number is not called.
Definitely up there with one my favourite restaurants in SGFood is priced very reasonably but never low in qualityManager asked me to leave a review quite a few months ago but I forgot 😅
Brielle LemBrielle Lem
10:01 05 Mar 24
The first time i came here i had a really nice experience like the cashier told us that we cld pay in cash bcs we were students ans was really kind to us. The next time i came here after school with one of my friend and since we r just students we did not have any credit card ir whatsoever on us. Because the previous time we could pay by cash we just told her that we wanted seperate but then she say like we cannot pay by cash. So i said what if we had exact value (which we did have but just like for the total) and she kept saying that cannot pay by cash and then after that she gave in and kept saying that she cldnt put the order back again bcs we told get to seperate. Then after telling her for 2 mire times she looked pissed but gave in to us. The staff was a young lady btw.
Yee NahYee Nah
08:43 04 Mar 24
The food is nice and the drink is little late but still good
Case WooCase Woo
05:07 01 Mar 24
Over 500 g of A5 wagyu and 500g of various meats, veggies, soup, rice and refillable hot green tea, for less than $150 for a family of 4 is just an incredible value. No gst. No service charge yet the friendly service team attended to everyone. This will be our fav go-to place for yakiniku from now on. Damn shiok.
James WongJames Wong
16:04 29 Feb 24
Tried this with colleague during lunch time. They had some special set meal 100g meat but have to top up else I don’t think enough. 200g was somewhat more filling but maybe need to go to 300g for hungry men. Rice have vary sizes with no additional. The sides was quite delicious (kimchi and miso soup). Only issue is the grill size is quite small so it’s a bit hard to cook faster when two big men sharing. Meat marinated nicely so didn’t really try out all the available sauces.
Yip SNYip SN
10:40 15 Feb 24
Staff was friendly and helpful
Julious OoiJulious Ooi
12:07 13 Feb 24
Was here the second time for dine-in lunch, not just because of the portion of the sets but also the service here. Today I spotted an employee who is quite attentive and meticulous to customers and surroundings, his name is Neela. Hope he got what he deserves from Yakiniku Like and put a good smile to his life.
Benjamin LimBenjamin Lim
05:06 12 Feb 24
Love the food here
Erina LinErina Lin
04:14 07 Feb 24
Quick fix for bbq food cravings.
Pinyaluck IiPinyaluck Ii
10:12 02 Feb 24
We went there 2 times. First time was great. Food is nice. Just that it's tiring when sitting on chairs that cannot be leaned on.Second time went there, it's not crowded at all. The staff let us sit at long table, high chair. So we ask if can sit on sofa when the other 2 sofa tables also occupied by 2 customers each. The staff just say cannot and not even explaining why. It's unreasonable they don't allow this when it's already stated "50 mins" dine in time. We are not sitting there the whole day and they just don't let us sit.We will never come back here no matter how nice the food is.
colim xcolim x
10:25 31 Jan 24
good was very nice tsun yap service was great had a great dinner here!!!
landise chonglandise chong
10:24 31 Jan 24
Nicole service very good& food very nice,will done
Aason ThanAason Than
11:20 29 Jan 24
Great services by the staff here.Good quality meat and value for money as usual.They are everything as advertised and the one at Westgate hits the mark. [Visited in Janaury 2024] Recommended to try.
Aldan AngAldan Ang
08:45 16 Jan 24
Food was very delicious, and delivered very quickly. Staff, notably Annie was very friendly
Kathleen AngKathleen Ang
13:24 11 Jan 24
i was served by engel during dinner time, restaurant was quite busy but she still took time to explain menu items to us. would recommend!
Toh Yi CiToh Yi Ci
12:29 11 Jan 24
engel provided really good service. food is affordable and good too
Sheen 4Sheen 4
16:17 06 Jan 24
Had lunch there and was seated pretty quickly. Staff Engel was courteous and checked in on us too. Portion of the food is not bad
12:18 03 Jan 24
Server is not careful and spilled sauce on my pants!!!!
12:54 29 Dec 23
The restaurant is at the corner of level 3 escalator, easy to find. Food is ok for the price, and kids love to do their own grilling so considered a good family restaurant that we do visit quite a bit. Variety of menu is acceptable, as they do have new items during different festive period.Service is good, staff Chloe response is quite fast and friendly tone. F&B is not easy and kudos to the youngsters working there trying their best to meet customers' needs!
08:27 18 Dec 23
I went there with my friends to have the student promo lunch deal (free upgrade to 200g from 1pm - 5pm Mon - Fri) and the advertisement board also show this promotion to attract customer. We’ve confirmed with the young waitress for the student lunch deal before 1pm and waited it for at least half hour. At 1pm, the young waitress suddenly told us this promotion is not valid and the attitude is rude. Even it's a mistake, we also need a polite attitude for this issue. We’re very unsatisfied with this rude attitude and we will not come anymore.
Shu Min WongShu Min Wong
08:19 18 Dec 23
The door service lady is very rude to customer. We ask her about the student meal promotion and she was like very impatient and end up didn’t tell us the promotion was over and letting us wait for 30mins outside the shop. Even the signboard is shown as the student meal promotion is from Mon - Fri (1pm-5pm) and she just told us something like “ I got the memo but she didn’t want to give us” ???? Such a ridiculous attitude! For those who want to have good dining service please avoid this restaurant !!!!
Tommy NgTommy Ng
15:21 29 Oct 23
Located on the 3rd level of Westgate, head to green MRT line and alight at Jurong East Interchange and take the exit towards Westgate. Head up to the 3rd floor and they are located beside Genki Sushi.The concept of this restaurant is interesting as they are not halal and serves premium pork, chicken and beef, even Wagyu for a personalized BBQ. Restaurant occupancy is about 40 to 60 pax and dining is allowed for 60 minutes. A QR code will be provided by the staff when they guide you to a seat which you will use to browse the menu and order food. Staff are friendly and trying their best to serve you as fast as they can.The meat they serve is acceptable and with the price of their value meals, it's really value for money. I would recommend paying a little more for the extra portion. Each value meal comes with a small bowl of kimchi and a variety of sauces on your table. Beef lovers might just love it here as you can grill your meat to your liking. Chicken would not be as easy as they use the thigh meat and when sliced, there are many small pieces which could drop into the grill. I have the say the pork is great and with the option to add on pork jowl, you have to come try it for yourself.Overall a must try for Yakiniku lovers that aren't looking for a buffet setup but just for a quick BBQ fix at an affordable price.
Jeffrey CJeffrey C
09:28 03 Sep 23
Not bad. Inexpensive yakiniku. Portions are small so you can order to the precise amount you feel like eating. They provide a variety of sauces on your table but these are not quite needed as the meats are well seasoned. Limited choices of beverages and they served my drink without ice.
Jodie B.Jodie B.
03:53 13 Apr 24
I ordered the A5 Wagyu Karubi and paid $21 for it but what I got was just 2 slices of it. The rest were just Karubi. How did I know? How the 2 slices look like compared to the rest were the same as the photo from the menu. I eat wagyu before and I know they like melts in your mouth. After grilling them, only these 2 slices texture was indeed wagyu but the rest were not. Felt cheated and staff not honest. Why did I know complain, I am with my 4yo son and cannot be bothered to argue with staff. Judge from the photo (the upper 2 slices were the only wagyu meat)
Ethan YongEthan Yong
12:57 12 Apr 24
Good food and service by Nannette
Chan SeanChan Sean
12:47 12 Apr 24
Good food
12:47 12 Apr 24
Teong MeetengTeong Meeteng
05:45 12 Apr 24
Nanette is good and the services is helpful
Bryan PhoonBryan Phoon
03:59 04 Apr 24
The food is good and the service is good
Nanette is very nice and accomodating.
Alyana GonzalesAlyana Gonzales
09:57 03 Apr 24
phyo thanphyo than
09:36 31 Mar 24
Bill CheeBill Chee
12:29 24 Mar 24
Griller spoiled and heat was not strong enoughGave a feedback to the waiter and all he said was “thanks for the feedback” without mentioning if the team would do anything about it or not
Jerome FooJerome Foo
12:09 24 Mar 24
Nannette service is good. Food is amazing
Wai LengWai Leng
11:01 24 Mar 24
Excellent food and excellent service! Nannette showed great customer service skills, it was the first time I've been offered a box to keep my bulky items in while I dine!
Varick ChanVarick Chan
10:48 24 Mar 24
Chocolate fondue is nice Nannette
08:36 24 Mar 24
Like Quattro Set is good
wong song yinwong song yin
05:45 17 Mar 24
2nd visit here, staff are friendly and food is served fast. Thank you Nannette for your recommendation, the bonito rice was REALLY good. Will visit again.
Kelvan SiewKelvan Siew
05:00 17 Mar 24
Excellent service from Nannette
04:34 17 Mar 24
Gregory TanGregory Tan
13:20 16 Mar 24
Nannette is very friendly and helpful
Clarence WilloughbyClarence Willoughby
06:57 16 Mar 24
Good and friendly service, especially by Mdm Nannette!
vivian sohvivian soh
08:45 06 Mar 24
Waited very long , no people served
Yong Wei TingYong Wei Ting
05:35 05 Mar 24
Great value for quality beef
Dalton NgoDalton Ngo
07:28 04 Mar 24
Aura TacoAura Taco
06:24 04 Mar 24
Food is nice, the service also very good.
Isaac SIsaac S
05:15 04 Mar 24
Great food and service by Nannette
12:59 27 Feb 24
Hokkaido Pork is good
09:29 27 Feb 24
We had a really nice server named Lanette, she was super kind and friendly and made us feel really welcomed.
lados juicelados juice
08:37 27 Feb 24
The service was good and Nannette did a good job at services