Yakiniku Like AMK Hub

Are you looking for perfectly grilled meat in wonderful dining? Do not forget Yakiniku Like AMK Hub. This popular outlet offers an immersive dining which features smokeless grilled meat placed at the center of your table. Try out our buffet bar featuring drinks,sauces, and sides today. 

Yakiniku Like AMK Hub Famous Dishes

The following are a few most popular dishes at Yakiniku Like AMK:

Karubi Set

Karubi Set consists of a small cut of beef short rib which is known for its delectable and mouthwatering taste. Yakiniku Like meat lovers like Karubi because of its juicy and crunchy texture. 

Yakiniku Like - Karubi Set

Tontoro Set

Pork jowl is used in a tontoro set which is a cut of meat full of taste and juiciness. Unlike other small cuts of meat, this cut is full of fat.  

Yakiniku Like - Tontoro Set


Harami also known as hanging tender and outside skirt, a piece of meat comes from the diaphragm muscle. As compared to other sets, it provides an outstanding dining experience. 

Yakiniku Like - Harami

Pork Belly

Pork Belly is a special cut of meat that is famous for being served as grilled meat. The fat on the meat provides an juicy interior and crispy and exterior. 

Yakiniku Like - Pork Belly
aung htet myataung htet myat
14:32 11 May 24
Nannette YongNannette Yong
13:09 10 May 24
Food is good. Very good service from Eva.
Eric LohEric Loh
09:16 02 May 24
If you already foresee a long queue for your buffet event, then either go by reservation or strict dining hours eg every 60min one batch. Do not waste your loyal customer time to reach there and say you refuse to give out any ticket because there are too many people. Asking customer to go to your bishan branch or come back at 3pm to queue is unrealistic. There is a queue system at vivo branch so why cant it be implemented here? and instead of restricting last entry at 4pm and using it as an excuse to shut off people, shouldn't it be just letting people know that the event is until 5pm and leave the entrance time to others.Overall, a very disappointed experience after being a customer for this brand for so long
Frederick LiewFrederick Liew
07:52 02 May 24
Arrived at 1.30 for the buffet promo and was told queueing was closed at to come back at 3.When i came back at 3.30 I was told the queue was closed and there were more people in the queue compared to 1.30.
Miiu CassMiiu Cass
11:50 01 May 24
serene HOserene HO
12:02 26 Apr 24
Feel very hot in restaurant. Staff was friendly.
Jouin NgJouin Ng
14:44 24 Apr 24
Tried the Unlimited Like for 80mins.Service was fast. The meat came fast when ordered and grill mesh was replaced when needed.All seats were fillled during buffet hours: 1pm - 5pm, and can see customers waiting outside for their queue no.
Dois KohDois Koh
09:55 20 Apr 24
aunty min
Zayven LekZayven Lek
07:01 19 Apr 24
nice food
06:03 19 Apr 24
Food is great (super high quality) and cheap espically for students and service is amazing, serving your food almost instantly. Might be a little tight but still a great place to go out with friends to. 100% would recommend
Deeb 69Deeb 69
06:03 19 Apr 24
Service is great, beef is always nice and placed at a somewhat convenient place.
fishesinalabama6969 lxfishesinalabama6969 lx
06:03 19 Apr 24
I come here quite often,but the food and staff service is always good!!I also enjoy the discounts and deals they have often.
Amanda TenAmanda Ten
06:00 19 Apr 24
Very nice people and good service
13:23 16 Apr 24
915pm tell me cannot order anymore.
12:40 05 Apr 24
As a non beef eater, I don’t find the food any special esp with the pork and chicken meatsI don’t find the marinate nice and in fact too saltyThe seafood rice bowl is not too badFor the sauces find alll too much esp when meat is salty already. The pepper is somehow very niceWon’t come back for me
Lionel TanLionel Tan
10:16 31 Mar 24
Value for money barbecue chain. The sets are all at affordable prices and great many things to choose. The sukiyaki beef are cut very thinly. Need to control the heat maybe at 3 or 4 level to avoid it being burnt. Everything is efficiently presented. Quick meal and delicious. Always seem to be a long line attesting to its popularity.
16:24 30 Mar 24
Favourite Yakiniku place of all the different "fast food" yakinikus. The quality of beef here is always good and we love the variety of sauces they provide.
16:08 30 Mar 24
I came here w my 5 year old daughter. The waitress gave us a high table opposite to each other. I told her we need to be sitting side by side side so I can look after her. She gave us a side by side table but still on a high table. Very unpleasant experience. No customer service at all. Doesn't seem to care if the child would fall or what. Surely won't come back here. The food is also not good as compared to Yakiniku Go!
Yeow Sin HoYeow Sin Ho
07:45 11 Mar 24
It's still one of the Japanese BBQ places i love to go to eat BBQ meat. It also great for individuals who want to eat BBQ alone as they offer individual seating with individual small BBQ pit for cooking. They also offered very affordable beef and pork set. There is also Wagyu A5 set, which i feel the price is reasonable, too.Service is usually very fast, and there are also a lot of sauces for the grilled meat. For the atmosphere, as you are grilling meat, you can expect the place sometimes to be very oily. Will be noisy during peak hours, too.
Karene Poh Kiang KangKarene Poh Kiang Kang
12:46 10 Mar 24
Great service offered by staffs. Foods is nice. But potion abit small. Not filling enough.
Youling NgYouling Ng
12:14 13 Feb 24
Steven KohSteven Koh
09:29 06 Feb 24
S LawS Law
13:57 28 Jan 24
Japanese BBQ place with excellent value beef and pork set meals which range from $9.90 to $35.90 per set. Each set includes Rice, soup and kimchi or salad. But drinks are not included. The wagyu beef quality is quite good for the price, but you get only thin slices. We enjoy the individual grill per table and the ventilation got to be one of the best. You can also order top up of meats and side dishes from their alacarte section. If you like more dip sauce, this place does not disappoint. Service crew is friendly, fast and welcoming. We’ll be back soon.
Eric LeeEric Lee
11:17 27 Jan 24
This is a fast, quick and cheap Yakiniku spot for a meal. Typically I’ll order multiple plates of Karubi and Japanese rice. Skipping the set meals is a cheaper option. The grill is a bit tiny and always opt for the single pax meal else you will be waiting for a long time.
07:34 24 Jan 24
KengHoe TanKengHoe Tan
13:31 19 Jan 24
Leroy TeoLeroy Teo
08:41 17 Jan 24
tasty food + fast and efficient service
Ryan LeeRyan Lee
09:52 15 Jan 24
Good food and service although price is rather steep, and not sure how precise the weight is but didn't feel like I received 200g of meat. Seating is quite cramped too, but I would come back for the quality and tasty food.
09:19 10 Jan 24
Very fast and efficient , staff polite and friendly especially xinyu and wainie
Guan Qing LeeGuan Qing Lee
06:21 05 Jan 24
Nicholas LimNicholas Lim
13:37 29 Dec 23
My go-to Yakiniku place. Super value for money. Love the karubi. Also enjoy mixing my rice with their cheese curry heheh.Pro tip - go to their Facebook to get a virtual queue ticket. Best to get at 650pm if you’re planning to eat at 730pm 🙂
Foodie ReviewFoodie Review
15:06 25 Dec 23
A unique cooking experience awaits at this express BBQ restaurant. The interactive grilling at each table is a unique and enjoyable way to savor decent quality meats. The convenience of managing the cooking pace and preferences adds a personal touch to the meal. With a variety of delicious sauces and sides available, it will definitely be one of my go-to express BBQ joints.
Khai (Khai's Diary)Khai (Khai's Diary)
10:02 27 Nov 23
I got the combo and it was pretty good. I tried a variation of sauces with it and I find the red sauce the best out of them all. I kinda wish the portion was bigger or a yakiniku buffet was available. I would definitely pay more for it of course. Kim hi wasn't good it was sweet. No drink in your set meal. They serve your drink in a bottle and they don't have ice fyi
Diving KakisDiving Kakis
10:32 29 Oct 23
Place is clean and went on a off peak hours. Hence wait is 10mins before seating.Food portion is just nice
Wei xiong WangWei xiong Wang
11:11 28 Aug 23
Karubi Set (300g)Karubi & Harami Set (200g)Yakiniku Like (AMK Hub)📍53 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 AMK Hub, B1, #21, 569933🍜 Food wise: The meats looked amazing as usual, and so were the flavour, the juiciness, the texture, and the sweetness! There was a mix in the meats this time, Karubi and the Harami, they were right about having a mix in the meats. The mix gives different textures, chewiness, and juiciness. The Karubi was easy to bite, fattier, and had more juice while the Harami was chewy, and had stronger flavour, but lesser fat and less juice. One might go for mixed meat from now on it seems.✨ Ambience wise: Great solo BBQ experience, no mess, and not much BBQ smell on hair!🤵🏻 Service wise: Great and fast service!💵 Price wise:Karubi Set (300g) $20.90Karubi & Harami Set (200g) $20.90

Yakiniku Like Vivocity Opening Hours

DayBusiness Hours
Monday3:00 PM – 12:00 PM
Tuesday12:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Final Words

Yakiniku Like AMK Hub provides smokeless perfectly grilled meat to make your dining experience glorious. From flavorful and juicy sets to overflowing buffet bar, Yakiniku Like AMK has something for everyone. Go to any of our outlet and customize your meal with drinks, sauces and sides. 

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