Yakiniku Like 313 Somerset

Yakiniku Like 313@Somerset, is a cool place that lets you personalize your food by providing a variety of side dishes and additional items on the menu. You can come with your friends and family to enjoy grilled meat and pork belly. 

Yakiniku Like Somerset Famous Dishes

The following are a few most popular dishes at Yakiniku Like 313@Somerset:

Karubi Set

Karubi Set consists of a small cut of beef short rib which is known for its delectable and mouthwatering taste. Yakiniku Like meat lovers like Karubi because of its juicy and crunchy texture. 

Yakiniku Like - Karubi Set

Tontoro Set

Pork jowl is used in a tontoro set which is a cut of meat full of taste and juiciness. Unlike other small cuts of meat, this cut is full of fat.  

Yakiniku Like - Tontoro Set


Harami also known as hanging tender and outside skirt, a piece of meat comes from the diaphragm muscle. As compared to other sets, it provides an outstanding dining experience. 

Yakiniku Like - Harami

Pork Belly

Pork Belly is a special cut of meat that is famous for being served as grilled meat. The fat on the meat provides an juicy interior and crispy and exterior. 

Anglesey FDWAnglesey FDW
04:58 13 May 24
Bruce VelasquezBruce Velasquez
07:46 12 May 24
Eating at Yakiniku is a great choice for all who love eating! The staff are always so friendly and welcoming, ensuring that you feel comfortable in the atmosphere. Britney in particular was a big part of that warm environment, always having a smile and a warm welcome ready for you.
Simply such amazing value for money, quality of all cuts of beef was en pointe. Service was impeccable; as we had 3 young kids in tow, they were quick to serve us extra utensils (as toddler kept dropping her fork!) one noteworthy staff was Britney who offered to charge my iPhone as the tot had almost drained it completely! We will be repeat customers 😉
Hwee Choon TeoHwee Choon Teo
11:17 11 May 24
Nice food!
Li Yun OoiLi Yun Ooi
05:49 08 May 24
Fantastic dining experience, the staff are so friendly and accommodating.
05:46 04 May 24
went to eat at the outlet,herd loud banging coming from the kitchen and couldnt eat in peace.one of the worst outlest ive ever been to. would not recommend to go
Anonymously TiredAnonymously Tired
04:44 04 May 24
Simply horrendous... Came to dine in for some peace but I kept hearing a staff wearing glasses from the store kitchen banging things. Wouldn't recommend anyone to dine in here if you are looking for a peaceful place to have your meal.
Blue LightBlue Light
11:56 02 May 24
Nice food quality and very fast service.. recommended very much
11:51 02 May 24
Justin NgoJustin Ngo
10:42 02 May 24
Good food good value
L BH (Demon)L BH (Demon)
13:01 24 Apr 24
Came in the afternoon in hopes to have a peaceful lunch, only to have my peace completely disrupted by a staff whose name is Nicky I believe who suddenly started shouting.However, it is thanks to Britney who came to apologize for the inconvenience which made my experience slightly better.
Jun LauJun Lau
13:40 21 Apr 24
Food tasty and super value price, Especially Wai kit give us good recommendations for the menu and friendly.
Jia Jie FongJia Jie Fong
11:26 21 Apr 24
Food and experience is good!
Janelle TohJanelle Toh
10:47 21 Apr 24
Shawn LimShawn Lim
06:08 21 Apr 24
Great place to have a quick yakiniku fix
Jovan SinghJovan Singh
13:15 15 Apr 24
Rachel ChiuRachel Chiu
05:15 15 Apr 24
Vivien OhVivien Oh
05:15 15 Apr 24
Damiri HosainDamiri Hosain
05:20 13 Apr 24
Love this place..good meat and awesome. Love the guy who served us! Thanks guys 🙂
Tiffie WiffieTiffie Wiffie
05:00 13 Apr 24
My always to go Yakiniku place! 😋
RJ GallerRJ Galler
05:27 07 Apr 24
Quick and nice service
May LimMay Lim
13:31 06 Apr 24
Nicky is a very dedicated person.Give us a wonderful dining experience
12:44 06 Apr 24
Food was served very quickly and the beef was delicious. I liked that everyone had individual settings to grill their meat on.
yoong seng tanyoong seng tan
06:45 06 Apr 24
Ciixuan SeoCiixuan Seo
11:34 05 Apr 24
Yong wan yuYong wan yu
13:02 26 Mar 24
12:40 26 Mar 24
Hui MinHui Min
11:39 26 Mar 24
Food is as good as the outlets in japan.Good service from staff, especially Jogan!Will definitely visit again.
Philana NeoPhilana Neo
11:36 26 Mar 24
Anniversary set was very filling and delicious
Kenny PKenny P
13:38 25 Mar 24
Food is good, great service, would definitely recommend
Kenneth ChewKenneth Chew
11:15 16 Mar 24
Tan KennethTan Kenneth
10:53 16 Mar 24
Rick SohRick Soh
10:46 16 Mar 24
Ananiah BaiAnaniah Bai
10:07 16 Mar 24
charmaine teocharmaine teo
07:27 16 Mar 24
Henrico LitaHenrico Lita
08:23 10 Mar 24
Good food and reasonable price.
07:25 10 Mar 24
Love yakiniku like, the food is served fast, and the staff at the Somerset outlet are really nice and helpful and the food is extremely delicious. Defos recommend to choose the nori and bonito rice option 😋
Jessica LeongJessica Leong
11:59 08 Mar 24
The area is too small to accommodate so many yakiniku lovers
Joash AngJoash Ang
12:19 06 Mar 24
Give my man Wai kit a raise man. Super nice guy. Friendly and always has a smile on my face. Only come to 313 branch for this reason!!
Moses LeeMoses Lee
12:18 06 Mar 24
Wai kit was amazing! Fantastic service and a great man!
Kimberly PekKimberly Pek
02:15 23 Feb 24
always loved Yakiniku Like, no matter the outlet. Better than that in Japan imo! There was almost no waiting time here as well.
Audrey EsmasAudrey Esmas
10:44 22 Feb 24
Juventus OngJuventus Ong
10:01 22 Feb 24
Thanks to nicky warm & excellent service, we ate a lot, from scallop, abalone, hokkaido pork and A5 beef.
Dinesh ShanmuganathanDinesh Shanmuganathan
05:43 22 Feb 24
The meat portion is more compared to other outlets:)
05:19 22 Feb 24
Nicky was very nice to talk to us overall friendly atmosphere
Maria Leilani LabradorMaria Leilani Labrador
04:52 19 Feb 24
Worth the money. Quality is good.
suzette octavianosuzette octaviano
12:52 18 Feb 24
Good service. Salute to Rinky 🥳
Gilly OwGilly Ow
12:03 18 Feb 24
Thanks Rinky! You’re the best.
08:58 12 Feb 24
Great place to hangout n dine.
Athena BughaoAthena Bughao
09:15 11 Feb 24
Great food and great service
Ronald ChewRonald Chew
08:31 11 Feb 24
Sat at B6, for supposed tea time period, 50 mins dining time limit? Eh OPS MANAGER OR CEO U COME SHOW ME 2 PAX DON BURNT THE MEAT I ORDER FOR U ALL 1 300G AND 1 200G WORTH OF MEAT WITH THIS SMALL GRILL AND THE TIME U STEP IN TILL UR FOOD COME AND THEN THE TIME U TAKE TO GRILL ENSURE PERFECTION GRILL AH. U DO WITHIN 50 MINS AND MAKE SURE UR FACE IS ENJOYING UR FOOD I DELETE THIS COMMENT, otherwise USE UR BLOODY BRAINS, u want run a franchise that runs long and good, and the one who open this franchise come on la use some brains don just blindly follow, fnb biz close and open nowadays very common, reasons simple enugh, quality, standard, service, speed, attitude and also the human touch to things, if what I say is wrong, go ask around those long running for over 10 years lor, nowadays price is an issue but not very big because people seek for no longer just the taste but other aspects as well, world has changed and if you guys don't know how to up your game, this outlet won't last more than the lease period cause u all won't earn enugh to want to renew, if I'm not a fnb operator I won't say this, and 2nd of all ur staffs here are not bad but higher management need to use some brains.My story is I spend 30 mins in waiting and cooking while my gf cook mine I eat, I cook hers she eat cause we order 2 diff things and its so small Grill how to take my time to eat, like honestly la don try scam ppl here, you brand yourself as tasty quick and value, Tasty I give u 4 star, quick 1 star, value 3 star, this is my most honest review. I'm not some competitor but really I am damn annoyed first time ever at a dining place, great staffs working here, I tipped them cause they were polite but the higher management I look down on you guys, cny day 2 ppl working for u all be appreciative to your staffs I feel they not well appreciated enough.
Rowel BughaoRowel Bughao
03:55 11 Feb 24
Great food
Siyu ChanSiyu Chan
05:38 09 Feb 24
Absolutely enjoyable experience!! Was served by a phillipino waiter, probably named Rinky (?) He was so warm and sweet, and accommodated to my request of separating the food! Thank you so much! It was such a joy to dine in here 😊
Michelle AboyMichelle Aboy
13:18 30 Jan 24
hi Rinky,i enjoyed my dining experience.Thank you for your hospitality.See you
Kathleen SevensterKathleen Sevenster
07:38 30 Jan 24
Dining alone? No problem, you get your own bbq grill and get to pick lunch sets. It was delicious!
GY EdwardGY Edward
07:04 30 Jan 24
Britney and Rinky were really kind providing me with a basket. Food came out quickly and tasted divine. Would recommend for those looking for a fuss free meal!
We frequently eat in Yakiniku Like and the branch here in 313 might be the best. Thanks for the service Rinky.
Ma GheMa Ghe
12:38 29 Jan 24
Maya Escalante-SorianoMaya Escalante-Soriano
05:34 21 Jan 24
Good job. Rinky is very good staff. Keep it up & well done. Thank you very serving us!
Arwin DienteArwin Diente
05:26 21 Jan 24
We had a great dining experience with a superb service from Rinky 😊We'll definitely be back to try other dishes.
Charles AlbaladejoCharles Albaladejo
05:07 21 Jan 24
Rinky from Somerset makes then whole dining experinace even more better.
Sherwin OngSherwin Ong
05:06 21 Jan 24
awesome food and service. Kudos to Rinky for being very helpful
11:50 19 Jan 24
grill was not hot enough to cook my beef quick enough. it also didnt become any hotter even after being on the number 5 setting. looking over at other booths, their thicker meats like chicken didnt seem to be cooking either. hope the grill can be hotter next time
07:18 02 Jan 24
Regular for Y.Like and today's grill seems to take forever to cook.Meat was taking way too long but server told me nobody else had this issue with this table - so i just continued without any other feedback. Just had to slowly slowly cook and wait.Meat was alrite except for harami as it was thicker thus it took Even Longer.Entire place was smaller based on what i felt. Overall was still ok, just the grilling part.
15:52 02 Dec 23
My first time trying Yakiniku!! It was so good and they have a value set from $9.90 onwards on weekday lunch and it was so worth it when I ordered the Karubi set! There was lots of slices and each meat was just so tender when grilledThe thing I want to shout out is the sauces!!! They taste sooooo good when you complement it with EVERYTHING. I can literally eat the sauce and rice everyday.Self service grill was a tad small for two. But not a big issue. Overall a pleasant meal here and hope to try their other stuff again!
Jonathan ChouJonathan Chou
15:05 12 Nov 23
I'd say this is an affordable place to stop by if you've got a craving for yakiniku.Their lunch sets are very affordable.I personally wouldn't queue for this place though, but i had an overall positive dining experience due to the relatively affordable price given its location.
Hyren FabregasHyren Fabregas
12:38 01 Nov 23
Dine-in experience on a Wednesday evening was fantastic. Took a queue number and only had to wait five minute before we wear ushered to our dining areas. Dishes were delivered to us promptly after orders were made, and food tasted absolutely delicious.Two thumbs up for the service, especially from Rinky 🙂
06:21 19 Oct 23
New Yakiniku Like outlet at 313, and I have to say, it was a delightful experience! The meat were incredibly fresh especially the new prawns!But what really stood out to me was the value for money. It's not often you find a place that offers such high-quality ingredients without breaking the bank. So, if you're on a budget but still want to treat yourself to some mouthwatering yakiniku, this is the spot for you.

Yakiniku Like 313@Somerset Opening Hours

DayBusiness Hours
Monday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Final Words

Yakiniku Like 313@Somerset provides smokeless perfectly grilled meat to make your dining experience glorious. From flavorful and juicy sets to overflowing buffet bar, Yakiniku Like Somerset has something for everyone. Go to any of our outlet and customize your meal with drinks, sauces and sides. 

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