Yakiniku Like Westgate

Are you looking for perfectly grilled meat in wonderful dining? Do not forget Yakiniku Like Westgate. This popular outlet offers an immersive dining which features smokeless grilled meat placed at the center of your table. Try out our buffet bar featuring drinks, sauces, and sides today. 

Yakiniku Like Westgate Famous Dishes

The following are a few most popular dishes at Yakiniku Like Westgate:

Karubi Set

Karubi Set consists of a small cut of beef short rib which is known for its delectable and mouthwatering taste. Yakiniku Like meat lovers like Karubi because of its juicy and crunchy texture.

Yakiniku Like - Karubi Set


Tontoro Set

Pork jowl is used in a tontoro set which is a cut of meat full of taste and juiciness. Unlike other small cuts of meat, this cut is full of fat.  

Yakiniku Like - Tontoro Set


Harami also known as hanging tender and outside skirt, a piece of meat comes from the diaphragm muscle. As compared to other sets, it provides an outstanding dining experience. 

Yakiniku Like - Harami

Pork Belly

Pork Belly is a special cut of meat that is famous for being served as grilled meat. The fat on the meat provides an juicy interior and crispy and exterior. 

Yakiniku Like - Pork Belly
marian vmarian v
23:26 11 May 24
Debbie ChiaDebbie Chia
13:31 11 May 24
Love the harami
Bo HongBo Hong
13:16 11 May 24
13:12 11 May 24
Deepa SubramaniamDeepa Subramaniam
13:47 02 May 24
Love this place and the food. Service was great
Hanalena LimHanalena Lim
10:47 02 May 24
My nth visit here with my family. We loved the meat. Fresh and value for money!
Tian LinTian Lin
08:48 02 May 24
My go to Japanese bbq outlet
Daniel ChuaDaniel Chua
07:47 02 May 24
Bohan WangBohan Wang
08:21 30 Apr 24
lim manfredlim manfred
06:05 21 Apr 24
Aldan’s ring
15:56 18 Apr 24
Service and atmosphere is fine. However, the quality of meat is horrendous. It is definately acceptable for pork belly to be fat. But come on, the fat is almost the whole slice of meat. The trimmed fat part should be sold as belly 🙂
Low Yi HaoLow Yi Hao
13:13 18 Apr 24
nice place to eat. 50mins to eat seems harsh but have not experienced that yet
Gary LeeGary Lee
03:31 18 Apr 24
Great place , Great food
Hau JackyHau Jacky
14:02 15 Apr 24
The service is very good. Although the waiting period is hot, they are very satisfied with the service here
Wei Jing WeeWei Jing Wee
12:11 10 Apr 24
The food is good and served quite fast! Highly recommended! 👍
Shu Zhe NgShu Zhe Ng
12:11 10 Apr 24
Awesome place to dine 👍
Ztsl play Ztsl playZtsl play Ztsl play
06:26 10 Apr 24
Pan Supawan (Panny)Pan Supawan (Panny)
12:24 09 Apr 24
JT MonderinJT Monderin
13:51 05 Apr 24
Yakinuku is perfect! We keep coming back.
Vu TruongVu Truong
05:07 29 Mar 24
Great experience for QBB set for 1 person, quality food
Candice TeoCandice Teo
11:56 22 Mar 24
Value for money
ET AngET Ang
08:38 19 Mar 24
My visit to Yakiniku Like at Westgate was a unique dining experience that catered to both individual preferences and group gatherings.The restaurant's concept is particularly appealing for solo diners, with personal electric smoker grills at each table allowing for an intimate grilling experience.The atmosphere is modern and inviting, making it a great spot for anyone looking to enjoy the traditional Japanese yakiniku in a contemporary setting.The service was quick and efficient, reflecting the fast-food style approach, which I appreciated as it meant more time savoring the experience rather than waiting.Food wise, Yakiniku Like offers a variety of set meals with the option to upsize the rice portion at no extra cost. The different meat (beef, pork) seems to be marinated by the same marinating sauce. It will be great if they can offer non marinated meat.Overall, Yakiniku Like stands out for its innovative approach to a classic cuisine, and it's a place I'd recommend to anyone looking for a casual yet authentic grilling experience.
Nguyen Lam Kinh LuanNguyen Lam Kinh Luan
15:35 16 Mar 24
Joey HJoey H
10:57 14 Mar 24
Be prepared to queue up to 30mins on weekday evenings if you come in groups of more than 2! Beef was nice and we liked the sauces and seasonings!
teck huay limteck huay lim
10:49 12 Mar 24
1st time here.ordered smallest set of 100g pork belly and chicken.regretted as only 3 slices of pork n 3 pieces of chicken. Restricted to 50mins per diner..very rush..ordered extra tamago which was quite good.but the orange juice I ordered was too small and pricey.I will try to order medium set 200g next time if I ever come again
Jiang Zong ZheJiang Zong Zhe
10:34 09 Mar 24
Be careful when getting a queue ticket and waiting in queue: they do not drop a message or a phone call when youe number js near, and removes the queue number immediately if your queue number is not called.
Definitely up there with one my favourite restaurants in SGFood is priced very reasonably but never low in qualityManager asked me to leave a review quite a few months ago but I forgot 😅
Brielle LemBrielle Lem
10:01 05 Mar 24
The first time i came here i had a really nice experience like the cashier told us that we cld pay in cash bcs we were students ans was really kind to us. The next time i came here after school with one of my friend and since we r just students we did not have any credit card ir whatsoever on us. Because the previous time we could pay by cash we just told her that we wanted seperate but then she say like we cannot pay by cash. So i said what if we had exact value (which we did have but just like for the total) and she kept saying that cannot pay by cash and then after that she gave in and kept saying that she cldnt put the order back again bcs we told get to seperate. Then after telling her for 2 mire times she looked pissed but gave in to us. The staff was a young lady btw.
Yee NahYee Nah
08:43 04 Mar 24
The food is nice and the drink is little late but still good
Case WooCase Woo
05:07 01 Mar 24
Over 500 g of A5 wagyu and 500g of various meats, veggies, soup, rice and refillable hot green tea, for less than $150 for a family of 4 is just an incredible value. No gst. No service charge yet the friendly service team attended to everyone. This will be our fav go-to place for yakiniku from now on. Damn shiok.
James WongJames Wong
16:04 29 Feb 24
Tried this with colleague during lunch time. They had some special set meal 100g meat but have to top up else I don’t think enough. 200g was somewhat more filling but maybe need to go to 300g for hungry men. Rice have vary sizes with no additional. The sides was quite delicious (kimchi and miso soup). Only issue is the grill size is quite small so it’s a bit hard to cook faster when two big men sharing. Meat marinated nicely so didn’t really try out all the available sauces.
Yip SNYip SN
10:40 15 Feb 24
Staff was friendly and helpful
Julious OoiJulious Ooi
12:07 13 Feb 24
Was here the second time for dine-in lunch, not just because of the portion of the sets but also the service here. Today I spotted an employee who is quite attentive and meticulous to customers and surroundings, his name is Neela. Hope he got what he deserves from Yakiniku Like and put a good smile to his life.
Benjamin LimBenjamin Lim
05:06 12 Feb 24
Love the food here. My go to place for yakiniku
Erina LinErina Lin
04:14 07 Feb 24
Quick fix for bbq food cravings.
Pinyaluck IiPinyaluck Ii
10:12 02 Feb 24
We went there 2 times. First time was great. Food is nice. Just that it's tiring when sitting on chairs that cannot be leaned on.Second time went there, it's not crowded at all. The staff let us sit at long table, high chair. So we ask if can sit on sofa when the other 2 sofa tables also occupied by 2 customers each. The staff just say cannot and not even explaining why. It's unreasonable they don't allow this when it's already stated "50 mins" dine in time. We are not sitting there the whole day and they just don't let us sit.We will never come back here no matter how nice the food is.
colim xcolim x
10:25 31 Jan 24
good was very nice tsun yap service was great had a great dinner here!!!
landise chonglandise chong
10:24 31 Jan 24
Nicole service very good& food very nice,will done
Aason ThanAason Than
11:20 29 Jan 24
Great services by the staff here.Good quality meat and value for money as usual.They are everything as advertised and the one at Westgate hits the mark. [Visited in Janaury 2024] Recommended to try.
Aldan AngAldan Ang
08:45 16 Jan 24
Food was very delicious, and delivered very quickly. Staff, notably Annie was very friendly
Kathleen AngKathleen Ang
13:24 11 Jan 24
i was served by engel during dinner time, restaurant was quite busy but she still took time to explain menu items to us. would recommend!
Toh Yi CiToh Yi Ci
12:29 11 Jan 24
engel provided really good service. food is affordable and good too
Sheen 4Sheen 4
16:17 06 Jan 24
Had lunch there and was seated pretty quickly. Staff Engel was courteous and checked in on us too. Portion of the food is not bad
12:18 03 Jan 24
Server is not careful and spilled sauce on my pants!!!!
12:54 29 Dec 23
The restaurant is at the corner of level 3 escalator, easy to find. Food is ok for the price, and kids love to do their own grilling so considered a good family restaurant that we do visit quite a bit. Variety of menu is acceptable, as they do have new items during different festive period.Service is good, staff Chloe response is quite fast and friendly tone. F&B is not easy and kudos to the youngsters working there trying their best to meet customers' needs!
08:27 18 Dec 23
I went there with my friends to have the student promo lunch deal (free upgrade to 200g from 1pm - 5pm Mon - Fri) and the advertisement board also show this promotion to attract customer. We’ve confirmed with the young waitress for the student lunch deal before 1pm and waited it for at least half hour. At 1pm, the young waitress suddenly told us this promotion is not valid and the attitude is rude. Even it's a mistake, we also need a polite attitude for this issue. We’re very unsatisfied with this rude attitude and we will not come anymore.
Shu Min WongShu Min Wong
08:19 18 Dec 23
The door service lady is very rude to customer. We ask her about the student meal promotion and she was like very impatient and end up didn’t tell us the promotion was over and letting us wait for 30mins outside the shop. Even the signboard is shown as the student meal promotion is from Mon - Fri (1pm-5pm) and she just told us something like “ I got the memo but she didn’t want to give us” ???? Such a ridiculous attitude! For those who want to have good dining service please avoid this restaurant !!!!
Tommy NgTommy Ng
15:21 29 Oct 23
Located on the 3rd level of Westgate, head to green MRT line and alight at Jurong East Interchange and take the exit towards Westgate. Head up to the 3rd floor and they are located beside Genki Sushi.The concept of this restaurant is interesting as they are not halal and serves premium pork, chicken and beef, even Wagyu for a personalized BBQ. Restaurant occupancy is about 40 to 60 pax and dining is allowed for 60 minutes. A QR code will be provided by the staff when they guide you to a seat which you will use to browse the menu and order food. Staff are friendly and trying their best to serve you as fast as they can.The meat they serve is acceptable and with the price of their value meals, it's really value for money. I would recommend paying a little more for the extra portion. Each value meal comes with a small bowl of kimchi and a variety of sauces on your table. Beef lovers might just love it here as you can grill your meat to your liking. Chicken would not be as easy as they use the thigh meat and when sliced, there are many small pieces which could drop into the grill. I have the say the pork is great and with the option to add on pork jowl, you have to come try it for yourself.Overall a must try for Yakiniku lovers that aren't looking for a buffet setup but just for a quick BBQ fix at an affordable price.
Jeffrey CJeffrey C
09:28 03 Sep 23
Not bad. Inexpensive yakiniku. Portions are small so you can order to the precise amount you feel like eating. They provide a variety of sauces on your table but these are not quite needed as the meats are well seasoned. Limited choices of beverages and they served my drink without ice.

Yakiniku Like Westgate Opening Hours

DayBusiness Hours
Monday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Final Words

Yakiniku Like Westgate provides smokeless perfectly grilled meat to make your dining experience glorious. From flavorful and juicy sets to overflowing buffet bar, Yakiniku Like Westgate has something for everyone. Go to any of our outlet and customize your meal with drinks, sauces and sides. 

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